tooth encrusted hmd

tooth encrusted hmd and luma pads by leia inc.

Sims at AGBO greets fans

Sims greets fans at AGBO

Red Carpet Sims

XR Artist Sims at AGBO

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2023/ — Avengers Endgame directors, Anthony and Joseph Russo featured Sims’ XR film “Be Your Own Dentist” starring drag icon Katya Zamo to bring bleeding edge immersive film to The Russo Brothers AGBO campus. The experience has been called “cosmic and visionary” by Film Threat , “hypnagogic horror” by Horror Buzz and “Bjork meets David Lynch” by Katya’s fans. Jon Sims, known in the industry simply as “Sims” is a renegade XR creator who FIVARS named “one of the medium’s first auteurs.” The showcase was a collaboration with Slamdance’s DIG program and dubbed a spotlight on emerging XR artists by Variety.

In promotion of Katya’s breakout album “Vampire Fitness”, and sold out world tour, Sims’ XR film “Be Your Own Dentist” is hailed by critics as terrifying and beautiful. With experience as a stereoscopic VFX artist on X-Men Apocalypse, Sims used an AAA approach to this experience.

Shot on a custom camera from Radiant Images, UHD stereoscopic photography, 360 projection and high order ambisonics converge to deliver a serene and unsettling journey that Film Threat calls inspired by Tarsem and Jodorowski and is unprecedented in the XR / VR landscape. “I want people to feel like they are inside a movie. Not a game.” said Sims.

For the AGBO event, Sims partnered with hologram display innovator Leia Inc. to offer an alternative to the traditional VR HMD experience. Liea’s holographic Luma Pads were deployed alongside HMDs, covered in teeth for what Sims calls a “hardware agnostic XR experience that allows the user to choose how to engage the material.” This marks the first time at an exhibition of an XR film has offered this choice without compromising the cinematic stereoscopics that immerses you in the world. The Sims booth was a true immersive experience from the technology featured to the tooth encrusted VR headset.

Continuing to push boundaries, the project also marks a first for a celebrated artist like Katya to use XR to directly promote a track off of an album in place of a traditional music video. Sims continues to explore how the exciting variety of XR technologies can converge in exciting ways to promote artists who want to be on the bleeding edge and rethink what promotional content can be in the era of XR.

About The Artist
Sims has been on the cutting edge since he began creating viral videos for the hacktivist collective Anonymous in 2008. He cut the Netflix film “Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus” and has VFX credits that include American Gods, The Hunger Games, and X-Men Apocalypse. His 2017 release for Samsung SDC 2017, “Dreamtime” was the first art directed use of adversarial AI and his VR film “The Cosmic Laughter of Cucci Binaca”

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