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LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2023/ — An exceptional woman that does it all, has been through it all, and now seeks to inspire all. Our guest emphasizes that “maintaining a positive attitude is critical.” This is the amazing story of Dr. Alexandra “Ali” McDermott.

Dr. Alexandra “Ali” McDermott is the founder of McDermott Leadership, founder of American Top-Notch Management Worldwide Leadership, co-founder of Pen Crown Publishing, and a contributing author in the book, Fearless Female Leaders. She is also expected to release Free to just b. later this year. Already having earned many recognitions, such as an award from Education 2.0 for Outstanding Leadership, inclusion in Marquis Who’s Who, The Global Icons 2023 from Passion Vista, and Top Global Leader of 2023 from the International Association of Top Professionals, Alexandra does everything! More incredible is how she got to where she is.

“Right out of college, I worked in the buying department for May Department Stores,” recalls Alexandra. “I then worked as a lawyer for almost ten years in various practice areas. From there, I transitioned to education, where I was a senior lecturer at USC for many years. I taught leadership, organizational change, and focused on trust. Last year was the most difficult year of my life, and I discovered a lot of coping mechanisms and skills. For many years, I have been fighting an undiagnosed medical condition, and that led to a number of different personal revelations. I also discovered that my husband of twenty-four years was also having an affair with a dear friend. As a mom of six, I have also endured crises with my kids. I had to dig myself out. Every time, I seemed to put down one crisis, another one would come up. Through all of that, I really dug in and relied on my own personal grit and resilience. I also focused on the power of personal vision – what I wanted for my life. I then decided to chart my own path and follow my dreams. I knew then that I could help others lead the life of their dreams. I can tell you now that I am the happiest that I have ever been.”

“I recently launched my own private coaching business, McDermott Leadership, where my mission in life is to help people redefine their purpose in life and live the life of their dreams,” touts Alexandra. “On my website, the whole premise is to go from stuck to unstoppable. I will always offer someone a complimentary forty-five-minute session to meet with me. This is to see where they are and how I can help. For me, it’s truly about vision – where you are today and where you want to be.”

Alexandra spearheaded a program associated with her business called P. O. W. E. R. It’s about purpose and being one of a kind, where everyone is unique. “I want people to lean into their strengths and their abilities and not try to be someone else,” encourages Alexandra. “It’s about authenticity and leadership, about their wellness and wellbeing, and about engagement. How committed are they to changing their life? It’s also about resilience. Resilience can be taught and learned. I want people to understand that there are coping skills that can teach them to be more resilient.”

In conjunction with McDermott Leadership, Alexandra and a business partner are focused on a Middle East Initiative. With the changing social landscape towards women, especially in the Middle East, Alexandra and her business partner feel that it is imperative to tell the stories of various female leaders and highlight significant role models. In addition, the Middle East Initiative will offer various curricula geared towards encouraging female leadership.

In addition to her leadership coaching, Alexandra will be a collaborative author in several books this year. The first book that is due to drop in September is Women Excelling Everywhere. Her full-length book will be released later this year, Free to Just b. One of the unique aspects of this book is that the title utilizes a lower-case “b”, as opposed to a capital “B”. This book will focus on the journey of Alexandra and will also be helpful to women who are going through a transformation in their lives. “It will be part narrative, of course, and part self-help, to offer coping skills for women who truly feel stuck,” explains Alexandra. “It will give them the coping skills to emerge from where they are now, to where they want to be so they too can lead the life of their dreams.”

Along with authoring various books, Alexandra and her business partner will be launching a publishing company, known as Pen Crown Publishing.

“People are not alone, and I want people to really hear that – no matter what happens in life, there is a way out,” concludes Alexandra. “Unfortunately, from research, only twenty-five percent of people know their purpose in life. No matter what age you are, it’s never too late to know why you have been put on this earth. Now is the time to find out. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing what that is, so that it can lead you to happiness and fulfilling the life of your dreams.”

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