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While mastering anger management skills can be challenging, it paves the way for a life filled with peace, prosperity, and overall improvement.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Michael Levittan, a renowned relationship expert and esteemed psychotherapist, promotes the use of assertive behavior as a critical approach to addressing anger management. While a bit challenging to learn initially, he contends that embracing effective techniques to manage anger leads to a fulfilling life enriched with more harmonious relationships and peace of mind.

“For most people, learning any anger management tool feels like a complete revelation. We need to learn these simple, practical tools – to manage anger and stress – early in life. We would have a more relaxed and peaceful society,” states Dr. Levittan.

Anger stands out as one of the most intense and volatile emotions, posing formidable challenges for all, explains Dr. Levittan. Furthermore, many individuals have been exposed to inadequate role models in their formative years regarding managing anger.

Jen Shah, the star of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,’ 49, discusses anger management. She shares a statement with PEOPLE through her representative, Giovanni, following her completion of mandatory anger management classes while in prison for fraud through a telemarketing scheme. Reflecting on her journey, she reveals, “Through journaling, homework, audio lessons, and 2-hour weekly group sessions/class, I learned more about anger, where it comes from, and healthy ways to respond and react that are safe and beneficial.” She continues, “I learned you can have [the] same activating event but get different outcomes using tools we learned, implemented each week.” Shah referred to this transformative process as “Rational Self-Analysis.”

According to Dr. Levittan, Shah utilizes the term “activating event,” which is called an “anger trigger” in Anger Management circles. These triggers encompass a broad spectrum, spanning from minor instances such as interruptions to more intense provocations like acts of disrespect.

“Each of us reacts in our unique way to a trigger of anger. To help someone manage their anger, it is crucial to know the person in terms of what ‘gets’ to them. For some, being interrupted is almost nothing at all. For others, being interrupted can be quite upsetting, which means it would be considered an intense trigger,” informs Dr. Levittan.

Dr. Levittan emphasizes the pivotal approach of employing assertive behavior to address relationship problems of anger and conflict. By embracing assertiveness, individuals can engage the cognitive faculties of their minds, enabling them to make thoughtful decisions regarding when and how to respond effectively.

Dr. Levittan is a distinguished expert in psychology, specializing in addressing a wide range of critical issues. His practice is based in the greater Los Angeles area. He continues to make a significant impact on people in several areas of psychological expertise, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Parenting, Child Custody, Couples Counseling, Group Therapy, and, of course, Anger Management.

Dr. Levittan embraces the role of a psychotherapist with a deep sense of honor and privilege, guiding individuals through their struggles with humility, seriousness, and enthusiasm. Approachable with an open mind, Dr. Levittan strives to establish connections built on trust and honesty, fostering collaboration to overcome challenges. This esteemed therapist prioritizes personal growth by reinforcing the positive, strong parts of the patient’s mind and behavior.

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