DTEN Partners with FlashIntel to Triple Efficiency and Slash Costs by 60%



DTEN and FlashIntel Partnership: A Leap Towards Operational Excellence and Cost Efficiency

Choosing FlashInfo was one of the best strategic decisions we’ve made.”

— Karthik Chandran, CFO of DTEN

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — DTEN, a global leader in video conferencing solutions, announced today its successful transition to FlashInfo, resulting in a threefold increase in operational efficiency and a significant 60% reduction in costs. This strategic move comes as DTEN sought to streamline its sales and marketing operations, previously reliant on platforms like Salesloft and ZoomInfo.

Karthik Chandran, CFO of DTEN, commented on the partnership, “Choosing FlashInfo was one of the best strategic decisions we’ve made. We’ve not only maintained the high standards of data accuracy and freshness we were accustomed to with ZoomInfo but also leveraged the effective sequencing and cadence capabilities of Salesloft. The standout feature, however, has been FlashInfo’s superior automation capabilities, which have revolutionized our operations. The added bonus? Significant savings in our annual tech spend.”

DTEN, renowned for its state-of-the-art hybrid collaboration technology, has always been at the forefront of innovation. Their award-winning solutions cater to diverse needs, from intimate meetings to large-scale conferences, earning the trust of businesses worldwide. However, the need for smarter technology that aligns with their business objectives of efficiency and real-time data has been paramount.

Before the partnership with FlashInfo, DTEN faced challenges with automation capabilities, making their sales and marketing operations less efficient than desired. The collaboration with FlashInfo has not only addressed these challenges but also added value in areas DTEN didn’t realize needed enhancement.

FlashInfo’s offerings, after rigorous evaluation, proved to be on par, if not superior, to DTEN’s previous solutions. The data accuracy and freshness matched that of industry giants like ZoomInfo, and its sequencing and cadence capabilities were comparable to those of Salesloft. But it was FlashInfo’s unmatched automation capabilities that truly set it apart, introducing a new level of efficiency to DTEN’s operations.

In conclusion, DTEN’s strategic shift to FlashInfo has set a new benchmark in the industry, showcasing how businesses can leverage technology to achieve operational excellence while also realizing significant cost savings.

About DTEN:
DTEN is a global innovator in video conferencing equipment, offering cutting-edge hybrid collaboration technology. Their award-winning solutions cater to a wide range of needs and are trusted by businesses worldwide.

About FlashIntel:
FlashIntel stands as a beacon of unified efficiency in the realm of sales and marketing. With its innovative platform, FlashInfo, businesses can now discard the clutter of disjointed systems and slow onboarding processes. FlashIntel offers a single interface that seamlessly fuses multiple tools, ensuring that the path to growth is harmoniously aligned, efficient, and accelerated. By streamlining processes and integrating superior automation capabilities, FlashIntel is ushering in a new age of seamless revenue acceleration, making it an indispensable asset for businesses aiming for growth and operational excellence.

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