voice cloning for text to speech

voice cloning for text to speech

EaseText Text to Speech Converter

EaseText Text to Speech Converter

EaseText Voice Cloning

EaseText Voice Cloning

EaseText Text to Speech Converter Voice Cloning feature text-to-speech, marrying offline AI with simplicity.

I can finally give my videos a personal touch by using my own voice. The voice cloning feature is pure magic!”

— Carter

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — EaseText, a trailblazer in text-to-speech innovation, announces a significant leap forward with the introduction of Voice Cloning in its flagship software – EaseText Text to Speech Converter. This breakthrough feature not only transforms text into natural and lifelike speech but also empowers users to create and integrate personalized voices.

Personalized Voices, Limitless Possibilities

EaseText Text to Speech Converter’s Voice Cloning sets a new standard for personalization in text-to-speech. Users can now infuse their projects with a touch of individuality, making presentations, content creation, and media production more engaging and authentic. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience for both seasoned users and newcomers.

Realism Unleashed through AI

Driven by advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, EaseText Text to Speech Converter ensures that cloned voices exhibit a striking resemblance to the originals. While these voices are simulated and not recordings, the realism achieved is outstanding, delivering an immersive experience for users.

Entertainment with a Presidential Twist

EaseText Text to Speech Converter introduces a captivating dimension to voice cloning with the inclusion of a simulated Donald Trump voice. Ideal for entertainment purposes, this feature enables users to add a humorous or creative touch to their projects, presentations, and audio creations.

Privacy-First Approach

EaseText Text to Speech Converter prioritizes user privacy and data security. The entire voice cloning process operates offline, mitigating concerns about data exposure. Users can enjoy the benefits of voice cloning without compromising on confidentiality.

Accessible and Future-Ready

EaseText, incorporating Voice Cloning, is now available for download. The company remains committed to enhancing the software with regular updates, ensuring users have access to an evolving array of features and voices.

A Word from CEO Vincent:

“At EaseText, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in text-to-speech technology. Voice Cloning is a testament to our dedication to innovation. We believe in giving our users not just functionality but an experience that resonates with their individuality. “

Price and Availability:
For personal 1 computer usage, it is available at $3.95 /month. Users also can buy the Family edition that $5.95 /month for 3 computers.
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About EaseText:
EaseText Software is a leading software development company providing digital data management software solutions. Founded in 2012, EaseText has been an award-winning developer, especially in the image, audio, video, PDF and text converting field.
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