Cover of Ellee ven single called Hasta La Noche

Hasta La Noche

Cover of Ellee ven single called Downtown


Hasta La Noche is all about anticipating sundown and the promise that lives in those three words.”

— ellee ven

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 30, 2024 / — Brace yourselves for a double dose of musical euphoria as ellee ven, in collaboration with her dynamic band, The Groovalution, gears up to unleash not one, but two scintillating singles onto the airwaves. Mark your calendars, because “Hasta La Noche” will light it up worldwide on April 30th, followed by the infectious beats of “Downtown” on May 14th. Both songs were written by Jeff Motley and produced by Terry Santiel.

In “Hasta La Noche,” ellee ven’s vocals, sung in Spanish and English, intertwine seamlessly with the rapper Prodéje, delivering a sultry, soul-stirring ode to nightfall. Meanwhile, “Downtown” is primed to ignite dance floors everywhere with its jet set energy. With a pulse-pounding rhythm, this infectious anthem is guaranteed to be a go to.

ellee ven and The Groovalution collaborate again with producer Terry Santiel, and veteran members of her band. The Groovalution core members include Prodéje, Jody Giachello on drums, Jeff Motley on keys and Sam Sims on the bass guitar. ellee ven calls her music ‘groovetonics’ and has developed a tried and true recipe for starting with the experimental and adding legendary sprinkles with performances by Kern Brantley, Paul Jackson Jr, Laura Angel, Michael Scott, Randy Bowland to name just a few.

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