Building on the success of the PowerGazebo, ARKA Energy proudly introduces PowerPatio, a game-changing addition to its lineup of lifestyle solar solutions.

With the PowerPatio, we’re pushing the boundaries of solar innovation. It’s a testament to ARKA’s commitment to creating cutting- edge solutions that merge aesthetics, value, and sustainability.”

— Rajesh Manapat, COO, Arka Energy

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2023/ — Expanding its innovation horizon, ARKA Energy proudly introduces PowerPatio, a game-changing addition to its esteemed lineup of lifestyle solar solutions. Building on the success of the PowerGazebo, the PowerPatio reimagines ordinary patios, turning them into dynamic, eco-friendly energy centers that promise unparalleled value. The PowerPatio emerges as an emphatic replacement for conventional patios, with a strong value proposition that resonates with homeowners nationwide. From a financial standpoint, it substantially augments home value and delivers remarkable energy savings. The PowerPatio harnesses solar energy while providing an impervious, extended living space. Its undeniable advantages make it effortless for ARKA’s Value-Added Installer Partners (VIPs) to articulate to homeowners: increased home values, lower energy costs, take advantage of Investment Tax Credits (ITC), with an expansive, all-weather outdoor haven.

With an array of sizes and configurations, from the cozy 180 sq. ft. option to the expansive 353 sq. ft. variant, this versatile patio allows homeowners to install 2.46 kWp to 5.04 kWp integrated PV solar systems seamlessly into their backyards. Equipped with high-performance glass-on-glass PV Tiles of 77Wp and 90Wp, this system comes with a 25-year power warranty, offering peace of mind to both homeowners and installers. Built with heavy-duty MS Steel, treated with Zinc primer and Powder Coating, it’s an outdoor-rated structure that can withstand wind speeds up to 150 MPH and a substantial snow load of 50 PSF. This weather-proof ground mount solar solution simplifies installations with its ready-to-assemble parts, making it a breeze to install. The PowerPatio comes with the added benefit of compatibility with string, hybrid, and micro-inverters. Application notes are available for authorized partners, with audio-visual aids detailing the process from unboxing to interconnection. Installers can leverage the ARKA 360 design tool and AR/VR visualization through Spotlight, aiding the sales process and offering unique customer engagement. The PowerPatio is suitable for residential customers, hotels, motels, and franchise commercial spaces for installations across the United States.

The PowerPatio extends an invitation to reimagine patios as more than just open spaces. PowerPatio offers a canvas for homeowners to craft comfortable, weather-proof extended living spaces, with numerous options for customization, including lighting, furnishings, fans, media hookups, and more. Homeowners can benefit from increased home value, energy savings, federal and state incentives, and insulation against rising energy costs, making it an enticing proposition. In contrast to conventional solar systems that often wither due to prolonged exposure to the elements, the PowerPatio is a weather-proof structure that is durable and reliable. For homeowners, this means a low-maintenance, durable, and efficient energy solution that seamlessly blends with their living environment, enhancing aesthetics and sustainability. The PowerPatio isn’t merely a green energy addition; it’s a wise investment. PowerPatio significantly increases property values by 7% to 10%.

Meanwhile, for solar installers, it signifies a versatile product that caters to a wide range of customers and use cases, expanding their market reach and business opportunities.

The PowerPatio is available for pre-order and on display at RE+ 2023 (Booth #26118) for deliveries starting December 2023. The unit on display allows installers to view and experience a highly differentiated product, get a demo of the design and permit platform available on ARKA 360, and visualize the product variants on the Spotlight AR/VR application (iOS & Android).

ARKA’s Installer partners are excited about the PowerPatio. Bill Barrieau, CEO of Ion Solar Pros, a solar solutions provider and VIP Installer Partner, said, “Both the PowerGazebo & PowerPatio are game changers for homeowners. Arka products seamlessly blend aesthetic form and function, offering a solar solution that’s both elegant and valuable. The PowerPatio provides Ion Solar Pros (ISP) with a unique solution that complements our existing product offerings. ISP has seen increased interest and sales since the announcement of the PowerGazebo & PowerPatio availability.”

Tony Bartok of Rise Power, another VIP Installer Partner, shared, “The PowerPatio is a game changer for our sales teams. Whenever a customer says “not on my roof” or the roof’s maxed out, we now have a viable solution. Customers who added an EV and want more power than their roof can generate, would love the elegant simplicity of the PowerPatio. The PowerPatio is an industry-changing product. The increased power production and the ability to do a bolt- on home addition all without touching a roof or worrying about setbacks, while significantly increasing the home value, creates an all-out unbelievable product.”

ARKA Energy’s CEO, Surya Potharaju, stated, “The PowerPatio is a blend of elegance and green energy that’s set to redefine solar living. It’s not just a product; it’s a lifestyle statement, transforming outdoor spaces into energy-generating havens. Our solutions offer incredible value to homeowners and aid our VIP installer partners’ efforts to address the unmet needs of customers.”

About Arka Energy: Arka Energy is a leading San Francisco-based climate technology company specializing in lifestyle solar solutions. ARKA’s flagship products, the PowerGazebo and PowerPatio, offer state-of-the-art outdoor living experiences, combining solar efficiency with attractive aesthetics. The PowerGazebo & PowerPatio provides alternative solutions to rooftop solar installations, maximizing PV generation and increasing home values. These products provide extended outdoor living space, value energy savings, and alongside Investment Tax Credit (ITC) incentives.

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