LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The newly appointed Hollywood Chapter President for Southern California’sBlack Chamber of Commerce and two-time history maker LyNea “LB” Bell celebrates the launching of GOTCONN the first search engine founded and launched by a woman, and an African American 1 year ago. Bell launched GOTCONN in celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday last year, choosing that day to remind us that his dream of freedom is still alive.

Cyber bullying is at an all-time high and Internet privacy is needed. Users have become more aware that they have a choice when they search on the internet, GOTCONN believes in a privacy search solution, it’s “Your Search, Your choice”!

“I believe the world is ready for a change, I am so excited to be a part of the solution. The internet can be very intrusive, and at times violating to a degree. This search engine lets users search without being searched and was created for those looking to take back their privacy,” says Bell.

Highlights of GOTCONN’s features include a truly private search, No Tracking or Tracing of Your Search Results, No IP Address or User Session Logs, and MOST importantly, No Selling of Personal Information to third parties. GOTCONN, offers exceptional search results without ever compromising the user’s privacy. 

Before circling back into her computer programing background and stepping out with an exceptional engineering team into the tech world, Bell has built a remarkable reputation stretching back over 15 years as a Theatrical & Literary Agent, and Product Endorsement Specialist, representing and working with A-list names and brands. Her work in these areas also continue.

For more information and to explore GOTCONN visit https://gotconn.com

About LyNea “LB” Bell

With more than 15 years of experience as a Theatrical & Literary Agent, and Product Endorsement Specialist, CEO & Founder of Bell Hall Talent & Literary Agency, LyNea “LB” Bell continues to impact the industry with innovative solutions and creative ideas as an entrepreneur. After a world wind opening in 2016, the Bell Hall Talent & Literary Agency quickly began making its independent footprint in Hollywood, representing many industry notables in the areas of film, tv, theatrical, comedy, commercials, voice-overs, print and literary. Bell is a member of SAG/AFTRA, Women in Film, Women of Color Unite and most recently appointed as President of Southern California’s Black Chamber of Commerce-Hollywood Chapter.

For interviews, contact 327961@email4pr.com or to learn more about LyNea Bell, visit her at https://LyNeaBell.com.

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