Ergo21 Bicycle Cushion

 Ergo 21 Bicycle Cushion with LiquiCell

Ergo 21 Bicycle Cushion with LiquiCell

The brand introduced a range of super-comfy bicycle seat cushions with the aim of reducing hot spots and improving blood flow.

A California-based cushion manufacturer and innovator, Ergo21 has gained worldwide attention due to its ergonomic seating solutions involving the use of the breakthrough LiquiCell technology.”

— Steve Gambhir

NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92660, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2023/ — A California-based cushion manufacturer and innovator, Ergo21 has gained worldwide attention due to its ergonomic seating solutions involving the use of the breakthrough LiquiCell technology. The brand introduced a range of super-comfy bicycle seat cushions with the aim of reducing hot spots and improving blood flow.

Ergo21, a well-known name in the cushion industry, has never failed in impressing its customers with innovative and ergonomic posture-related solutions for mitigating lower back pain. With the addition of bicycle cushions to its line of products, the brand has once again proved its aim and ability to cater to the back health needs of individuals.

To make long-distance ridings easier and more comfortable, Ergo21 has designed coccyx cushions for bikes that deliver unparalleled cushioning comfort and flexibility to users. Unlike ordinary gel or foam-based tailbone and coccyx cushions, Ergo21’s bicycle cushions are created with advanced and innovative LiquiCell technology, thus promising to offer incredible comfort and a seamless riding experience.

The core of an Ergo21 bicycle seat cover contains a custom-density open-cell American foam that helps in absorbing road vibrations and shocks while ensuring that the sitting bones of users remain stress-free. The LiquiCell membrane is then strategically placed on the top of the foam to protect skin tissues from getting stretched or torn due to friction. This revolutionary technology is found to be highly effective and efficient in addressing the butt burn challenge faced by users while riding.

LiquiCell is a medical technology that employs an amalgamation of low-viscosity fluids that are strategically placed on pressure points. Every LiquiCell pad is lightweight, pliable, and contains urethane membranes sealed in low-viscosity liquid. These membranes distribute the pressure and make it easy to sit for a prolonged period of time. The equalization of the perpendicular pressure at the point of contact between the user’s body and the sitting object further helps in the reduction of soft tissue compression. With the development of cushiony lubrication at the point of contact, the blood circulation improves by about 150% which is not possible with the use of ordinary gel or foam cushions.

Studies suggest that conventional gel, foam, and air-based cushions may be effective in providing relief to the user’s back or sitting bones to some extent but these cushions are not recommended for use in the long run. On the contrary, the Ergo21 LiquiCell cushions have met most of the categories in terms of quality and comfort. Individuals who are already suffering from severe back discomfort, tailbone pain, compressed disc, degenerated disc, or other posture-related health issues should immediately stop using ordinary cushions or pillows for sitting, driving, or riding. It’s high time that they consider using premium-quality and ergonomically designed cushions and pillows just like the ones from Ergo21.

Apart from considering the use of LiquiCell technology, Steve Gambhir, the founder of Ergo21 focussed on using the best quality foam and designing methods that could make the bicycle seats stronger, tougher, and more durable. He stated, “We researched and evaluated the most popular brands and discovered they used molded foam, which is approximately 30% cheaper to manufacture since it simply requires some sewing. The trade-off is that it’s closed-pore foam and it feels hard when you ride,” and thus, he sourced the custom-density open-cell foam from a local USA foundry for the cushions.

Talking about the hurdles that were faced while designing the perfect bike cushion, Gambhir said, “The biggest challenge we had since the foam was not molded is that it needed special manual double stitching. After several months of trying different stitching methods, we finally were able to come out with what we consider the Best Bicycle Seat Cushion out there! Better than a Gel bicycle seat cushion or foam bicycle seat cushion. Yes, we double-stitched it and used a waterproof cover and adjustable drawstring for an easy fit.” Hence, the seats are double-stitched and help in providing a less tiring cycling experience.

Available in 2 different sizes, the Ergo21 bicycle cushions are also recommended for use on exercise bikes and spinning classes. Coming with a drawstring, the cushions are easy to install on a bike seat and remain perfectly secure in place. They act as an aid for buttock pain, hip pain, sciatica, and leg pain and help in eliminating numbness, fatigue, and tail burn.

LiquiCell continues working long after the point where other comfort technologies stop and thus, Gambhir’s LiquiCell bike cushions have been receiving immense positive feedback and reviews over the passing years. After interviewing bicyclists, spin enthusiasts, and gym goers, it is found that most of the users are satisfied with the Ergo21 bicycle seat covers. The brand has achieved awards and commendations from the Spondylitis Society of Los Angeles and the International Pain Organization.

About Ergo21
Dedicated to offering smart solutions to counteract the health issues related to lower back pain, Ergo21 is a leading name in the industry. With an exhaustive range of lumbar support cushions, including wheelchair cushions, original cushions, sports cushions, coccyx cushions, lumbar cushions, travel cushions, mesh chair set cushions, and more, the company has gained 1000+ positive reviews across multiple platforms including 500+ five-star reviews on Amazon. Gambhir’s keen interest in improving the quality of life of customers through focused innovation has led Ergo21 to achieve a significant milestone of selling over 100,000 unique cushion units recently. This has further motivated the founder to give thought to expansion in the existing line of products.

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