EUV Tech Introduces New Pellicle Deflection Tool

Pellicle Deflection Tool

EUV Pellicle Deflection Tool

MARTINEZ, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2023 / — EUV Tech (EUVT), a global leader in the production of at-wavelength EUV metrology tools, is excited to announce the development and availability of its new Pellicle Deflection Tool (PDT). This latest EUVT innovation has been designed for use in tracking and optimizing pellicle performance in extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) applications. Pellicles are thin-film membranes that are used to protect EUV reticles and they must be able to perform reliably without rupturing at varying differential and absolute pressures during pump and vent cycles.

The primary purpose of the PDT is to conduct pellicle-integrity checks via the application of differential pressure across the pellicle’s membrane. This enables the measurement of the amount of deflection, or sag, the pellicle experiences as the differential pressure passes across the membrane. Numerous user-configurable tolerance bounds allow the operators to ensure each and every pellicle meets the requirements for high-volume production use.

Secondly, the PDT records the maximum differential pressure and level of deflection in two situations: 1) A “normal” mode when the pellicle is used in typical operating conditions, and 2) A more aggressive operating mode that pushes the pellicle beyond normal operating conditions in order to instigate and investigate breakage. Simultaneously, high-speed images of the pellicle rupture are captured that can later be used for failure-mode analysis. Also, integrated cleaning systems allow for the operator to clean the system after a breakage to ensure that no cross-sample contamination occurs.

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