Take photos of the personal property and upload to FairSplit.com

Take photos, of items to be listed, upload to FairSplit room by room

This represents the process for AI powered home inventory creation

This represents the process for AI powered home inventory creation

Founder and CEO of FairSplit.com, David MacMahan head shot

Founder and CEO of FairSplit.com, David MacMahan

A Rare, Practical Use of AI, Combined with Co-Branding for Industry Partners Makes Free Home Inventory Available to All for Life’s Pivotal Moments

It may not be the sexiest new AI innovation being talked about, but certainly one of the most useful and practical, and it is not scary.”

— FairSplit.com founder and CEO, David MacMahan

CAMARILLO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — FairSplit.com, “Divide Things, Not Families”, the industry pioneer of online estate settlement of personal property, announces the upcoming launch of its revolutionary AI-powered, asset listing, home inventory technology. Once items are listed, all are searchable, sortable and have a variety of reports available in excel, csv and pdf formats, and all relevant parties can be invited to view or interact with the private account. This next-generation improvement, and the subsequent iterations, will redefine the way individuals and professionals manage personal property during life’s pivotal moments, including estate settlement, planning, divorce, downsizing, insurance documentation and moves.

“At the core of this new offering is AI, specifically LLM (Large Language Models), designed to streamline the asset listing process with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Users will experience a significant time savings cataloging their personal property as the service automatically names, describes, and even provides a link to recently sold similar items online. All within our existing, robust, online home inventory system,” says David MacMahan, FairSplit.com’s founder. He added: “We can provide this helpful application at no charge because it gets the personal property listed easily for the family when they most need it, and when some are most likely to need our additional services.”

“Dealing with the contents of the home is often the most overwhelming and daunting task in some of life’s big transitions like estate settlement and downsizing. This is an industry game changer in so many ways.” said Steve Gurney, founder of Positive Aging Community.

The online home inventory system will be provided free to families and industry co-branded partners like realtors, insurance agents, move managers, organizers, fiduciaries, wealth managers, etc. FairSplit has offered its free online home inventory tools for many years, but the easy co-branding and AI listing is new. They are committed to adding the AI powered benefits, and continuing to provide the service complimentary to all.

Jennifer Picket, of NASMM (National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers) says: “We were the first to commit to making this available to all of our members. FairSplit will train our members on the best ways to photograph the contents of the home to get the best results from the AI process.” NASMM is the largest organization of Senior & Specialty Move Managers® in North America, providing training and services in support of their members specializing in downsizing, relocation, and estate clearing.

MacMahan says: “It may not be the sexiest new AI innovation being talked about, but certainly one of the most useful, practical, and it is not scary.” He added that he has been blown away by the improvements in AI the past few months, and inspired by, and shares the belief expressed by Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai who noted:

“AI has the potential to create opportunities — from the everyday to the extraordinary — for people everywhere. It will bring new waves of innovation and economic progress and drive knowledge, learning, creativity and productivity on a scale we haven’t seen before. That’s what excites me: the chance to make AI helpful for everyone, everywhere in the world.”

About: Since 2012, FairSplit.com, “Divide Things, Not Families”, is the pioneering and leading provider of online personal property division solutions, committed to promoting fairness, transparency, and peace of mind during life’s pivotal moments. With innovative technologies, special services, and caring support, FairSplit empowers individuals and industry partners to navigate estate settlement, planning, downsizing, moving and divorce with confidence, transparency and efficiency.

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