Family Reunion Cruises Making Post-Pandemic Comeback Fueled by Their Tremendous Overall Travel Value

Cruise Ship for Family Reunion Cruises

Family reunion cruises on the biggest and best cruise ships

Family reunion cruises are paving a wide path forward and making a noteworthy post-pandemic comeback due to their tremendous value compared to land vacations.

We are thrilled to offer families a chance to create lifelong memories without the hassle of complicated planning.”

— Aubrey Williams

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, August 16, 2023/ — After an extremely challenging downturn due to the global pandemic, family reunion cruises are making a triumphant return, rekindling the spirit of unity, joy, and exploration. The travel industry, known for its resilience, is witnessing a heartening resurgence in interest for family reunion cruises. As families around the United States seek to reconnect and celebrate missed moments, the allure of all-inclusive packages, amazing cruise ships, and unique destinations has reignited the passion for cruise-based family gatherings.

Epix Group Cruises, a leader in booking family reunions at sea, is noticing an unusually high percentage of their overall inquiries being for family reunions. The company’s Founder, Aubrey Williams, enjoys a deep passion for cruising, drawing upon a well of experience for crafting journeys that resonate with families. Williams expressed his excitement about the recent uptick: “The post-pandemic increase in family reunion cruises has been a welcome trend. It comes at a time when we’re seeing business-related cruises take longer to bounce back, so families are filling some of that void. We are thrilled to offer families a chance to create lifelong memories without the hassle of complicated planning.”

Recognizing that the heart of any family reunion lies in the moments shared, Epix Group Cruises offers free planning services to facilitate the journey for groups of 20 or more people on some of the world’s biggest and best cruise ships. Cruise destinations include The Bahamas, The Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, and Europe. Families considering a group cruise can now rely on the expertise of seasoned professionals to handle all aspects of their journey, from finding the ideal cruise line and ship to securing the best group rates for cruises, and crafting customized itineraries that cater to family members from 1 to 100 years old. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian, Celebrity, Holland America, and Disney are all in the A-list lineup of cruise lines offered.

In a world seeking solace and connection after a period of separation, the return of family reunion cruises is a testament to the enduring power of togetherness. As travelers embark on journeys that symbolize renewed bonds and fresh beginnings, Epix Group Cruises stands as a beacon of excellence, offering families the chance to come together in celebration, laughter, and adventure. The company’s commitment to elevating group travel experiences makes it an industry standout, and its free travel agent service for family reunion cruises are a breath of fresh air to families used to paying fees.

Before the pandemic, cruises were a popular family reunion activity thanks to their hard to beat overall value. Since cruises include accommodations, meals, and entertainment, they often outshine hotels and resorts, especially for families looking to keep reunion travel costs down. The recent comeback of family reunion cruises is also benefitting from cruise line deals and discounts designed to fuel a return of cruising in general, for all types of groups. As this trend picks up steam, families interested in booking a family reunion cruise can once again rely on this travel activity that so many families have cherished in the past.

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