Feng Shui Your Life with Marie Diamond on Tubi

Eight episodes of “Feng Shui Your Life with Marie Diamond” streaming now

“Feng Shui Your Life with Marie Diamond” provides an opportunity for viewers to reclaim and transform their personal spaces, fostering personal growth and contributing to a better world.”

— Cassandra Cooper, Exec Producer and co-creator

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In “Feng Shui Your Life” viewers are invited to explore the transformative power of Feng Shui with the guidance of internationally acclaimed Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond. With a distinguished career that includes a starring role in the global phenomenon “The Secret”—viewed over 500 million times—Marie Diamond brings her extensive expertise to “Feng Shui Your Life” by helping viewers deepen their understanding of space and energy management for better personal outcomes.

Diamond, who has nurtured over 2 million online students worldwide, serves as both the executive producer and star of “Feng Shui Your Life.” This innovative series consists of eight 30-minute episodes, each unveiling the transformative journey of individuals in various living spaces—from cozy studio apartments to expansive family homes. Each participant is in pursuit of personal dreams and goals, leveraging Feng Shui to overcome life’s obstacles.

Throughout the series, Diamond demonstrates how Feng Shui can turn any home into a powerful tool for attracting success, health, love, and wisdom. Viewers will see firsthand the significant impact that their environment can have on their lives. From helping a single mother of four find new love to boosting a singer’s career, Diamond provides easy-to-implement Feng Shui activations that demonstrate how one’s living space can dramatically influence their achievements and satisfaction in life.

Now available in the US, Australia, Mexico, and Canada, all eight episodes of “Feng Shui Your Life” are ready to stream on Tubi.

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