Five Japanese Startup Companies to be Featured in Innovation Showcase of 2024 Japan–US Innovation Awards Symposium

2024 Innovation Awards

2024 Japan – U.S. Innovation Awards Symposium

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, June 27, 2024 / — Each year, the Innovation Showcase recognizes up to five exceptional Japanese startup companies built around new technologies and innovative business ideas that have the potential for major worldwide impact. We are excited to announce the 2024 Innovation Showcase honorees, which will be featured at the 14th Annual Japan–U.S. Innovation Awards Symposium ( on July 18, 2024 at Stanford University.

2024 Innovation Showcase Honorees:

AI Medical Service ( 
AI Medical Service (AIM) is a Tokyo-based med-tech company established with the mission to “Save Lives All Over the World.” Japan leads the world in endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, providing firms and researchers with access to large amounts of high-quality data. AIM is the leading player in the field of endoscopic AI, engaging in joint research with more than 120 medical institutions such as Stanford and the University of Tokyo. By bringing endoscopic AI to the real-world clinical setting as soon as possible, we AIM to reduce the number of missed cancer diagnoses and save lives around the world.

Citadel AI Inc. (
Citadel AI builds software products to test and monitor high-risk AI systems. Our customers use our technology to develop AI systems safely across a variety of industries including healthcare, automotive, finance, and more. We also work with certification organizations, including the British Standards Institution, to ensure that AI regulations such as the EU AI Act are underpinned by effective technology for assessing AI systems. Our team has previously worked at leading US and Japanese companies such as Google, Waymo, Toyota, Apple, Stripe, and we’re honored for Citadel AI to be part of the US-Japan Innovation Awards.

EdgeCortix (
EdgeCortix is a fabless semiconductor company focused on energy-efficient AI processing of Generative-AI workloads at the edge. Founded in 2019 with R&D headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, EdgeCortix delivers a software-first approach with its patented “hardware and software co-exploration” system, delivering an industry leading AI specific runtime reconfigurable accelerator processor. The company recently announced SAKURA-II, its next generation high performance, energy efficient edge AI accelerator to address the latest Generative AI solutions at the edge from vision to billions of parameters large language models. EdgeCortix’s products disrupt the rapidly growing edge AI hardware markets including aerospace, smart cities, industry 4.0, defense, autonomous vehicles and robotics.

Helical Fusion Co., Ltd. (
Helical Fusion is a Japanese start-up company aiming at the social implementation of fusion energy with a magnetic confinement fusion reactor. Various fusion methods have been developed in the world over the past 60 years as a next generation energy source. In Japan, the helical fusion method, which uses a superconducting helical coil with a double-helical structure similar to DNA to stably confine high-temperature plasma, has been developed and nurtured to a great extent. We are aiming to develop the world’s first steady-state fusion reactor by incorporating more advanced technologies into the helical-stellarator type fusion reactor.

Synspective Inc. (
Synspective Inc., founded in 2018, develops and operates Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites and provides SAR data and analytics solutions. We aim to develop a constellation of 30 SAR satellites by the late 2020s, allowing us to create a new system that can observe changes anywhere on Earth. With a SAR satellite constellation that enables high-frequency and high-resolution Earth observation, Synspective delivers satellite data and various analytics solutions for disaster response and management, national security, and environmental monitoring.


Japan Society of Northern California (
Since its founding in 1905, the Japan Society of Northern California has advanced U.S.-Japan mutual understanding in a global context. The Society offers an array of programs and networking opportunities for people and organizations in the Bay Area with a strong interest in Japan, and is a dynamic link connecting the world-renowned innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of San Francisco/Silicon Valley to a resurgent Japan.

Stanford University US-Asia Technology Management Center (
The US-Asia Technology Management Center (US-ATMC) is an industry-funded center in Stanford University under the Stanford Global Studies initiative. Established in 1992, the US-ATMC conducts education and research into innovation and emerging business trends in technology intensive industries. Its courses and public programs provide the Silicon Valley community with knowledge and analytical capabilities that are important to global success in high-tech fields in the 21st century.

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