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Adroll Media

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ — FlashIntel, a leading provider of go-to-market intelligence solutions, is proud to announce the successful partnership between its product, FlashClick, and AdRoll, a renowned advertising company. This collaboration has resulted in a 50% increase in revenue and a 30% expansion in AdRoll’s network.

AdRoll, known for its platform that enables businesses to create, manage, and analyze their ad campaigns across over 500 platforms, sought to enhance its revenue and expand its partnership network. The company turned to FlashClick, a product designed to supercharge partnerships with deep analytics, effortless scaling, and secure SSL encrypted tracking.

“FlashClick’s platform has made it easier to ramp up our teams and has been a BIG cost saver. We’ve seen a 50% increase in revenue and a 30% expansion in our network, and we’re just getting started,” said Shubham Kumar, Founder at AdRoll Media.

FlashClick’s sophisticated search and filtering functions allowed AdRoll to pinpoint the perfect partners for robust, lasting alliances, minimizing search time and supercharging partnership growth. The platform’s advanced analytics and tracking capabilities provided AdRoll with the insights needed for strategic decision-making and performance optimization.

This successful partnership underscores the potential of FlashClick to revolutionize the way businesses manage their partnerships and achieve unprecedented growth.

For more information about FlashClick and its partnership with AdRoll, visit FlashClick & AdRoll Success Story.

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