FlashInfo Powers Cold Email Hackers to a 40% Conversion Boost and 60% Activity Increase

Cold Email Hackers

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — FlashIntel, a leading provider of sales intelligence solutions, is excited to announce the remarkable success story of Cold Email Hackers, a lead generation agency, which leveraged the FlashInfo platform to drive a 40% increase in conversion rates and a 60% boost in activities.

Cold Email Hackers, known for their advanced lead generation and cold email strategies, faced challenges with high email bounce rates, low deliverability, and the task of delivering the right message to customers. They turned to FlashIntel’s FlashInfo platform, including the Parallel Dialer feature, to tackle these issues.

“The all-in-one nature of the FlashInfo platform, including the Parallel Dialer feature, has made it significantly easier to ramp up our sales reps. The intent data, especially job intent, has been a game-changer in identifying sales signals. Not only have we seen a 40% increase in our conversion rates and a 60% boost in our activities, but the platform has also resulted in substantial cost savings. It’s been an all-around win for us,” said Justin Chi, Founder of Cold Email Hackers.

The partnership with FlashIntel allowed Cold Email Hackers to reduce their email bounce rate by 20%, increase their email deliverability rate by 30%, improve their lead targeting accuracy by 25%, and identify more accurate sales signals using job intent data.

This success story underscores the potential of FlashInfo to revolutionize cold emailing and lead generation strategies, providing businesses with the tools they need to supercharge their sales efforts.

For more information about FlashInfo and its partnership with Cold Email Hackers, visit FlashInfo & Cold Email Hackers Success Story.

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