SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2023 / — In a strategic move that promises to redefine the landscape of B2B data solutions, FlashIntel is proud to announce its official partnership with Databricks, marking its esteemed listing on the Databricks Marketplace. This collaboration is set to bring unparalleled benefits to businesses, leveraging the combined strengths of both entities.

Deep Dive into the Partnership:

1. Enhanced Data Solutions:
FlashIntel’s Firmographic Data Cubes, now available on the Databricks Marketplace, offer businesses unrivaled access to top-tier B2B data. This data is meticulously curated, focusing on company HQ and location-specific insights, ensuring businesses have the most accurate and actionable data at their fingertips.

2. Seamless Integration with Databricks:
One of the standout benefits of this partnership is the ease of data integration, especially on platforms like Databricks. Businesses can now effortlessly merge FlashIntel’s data with their existing datasets on Databricks, streamlining their analytics and reporting processes.

3. Comprehensive Market Insights:
With FlashIntel’s data, businesses can decipher their total addressable market, sharpen segmentation, and gain a holistic view of account intelligence. This aids in identifying potential markets or sectors ripe for expansion, allowing companies to tailor their strategies for optimal engagement.

4. Sales & Marketing Precision:
Sales and marketing teams can leverage FlashIntel’s comprehensive firmographic insights to refine their outreach strategies. By understanding specific company attributes, they can craft personalized pitches, ensuring a higher rate of engagement and conversion.

5. Robust Data Governance:
The partnership emphasizes enhanced data governance and compliance measures, ensuring businesses can trust the data’s integrity and reliability.

6. Continuous Data Updates:
To combat data decay, FlashIntel promises consistent data updates, ensuring businesses always have access to the most current and relevant information.

About FlashIntel:
FlashIntel is a premier Go-to-Market Intelligence company that empowers revenue teams by improving their capacity to discover and connect with ideal customer profiles. By harnessing advanced AGI and LLM technologies and utilizing Job, Topic, Tech, and Social intent data, FlashIntel has developed a distinctive in-market-timing engine. With FlashIntel, revenue teams can secure a competitive edge and attain higher levels of success in their Go-to-Market strategies. Explore more at FlashIntel’s official website.

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