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Free CRM adds Zapier to its verifiable credential platform is committed to delivering a next-generation CRM experience powered by verifiable credentials to businesses everywhere.”

— Eric Stone

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, July 25, 2023/ —, the leading provider of free business CRM software driven by verifiable credentials, is thrilled to announce the official release of its Zapier integration today. This integration represents a significant milestone for FreeCRM, as it enables the extension of our CRM with verifiable credentials management (VCM) to seamlessly integrate with any application using Zapier, unlocking unparalleled functionality not offered by any other CRM provider. The complete workflow of verifiable credentials is now accessible through any Zapier integration, providing our valued users with enhanced capabilities.

With Free CRM‘s flexible CRM data platform, businesses can automate their data workflows in sales, marketing, and customer support internally and externally using cutting-edge verifiable credentials, verification, and presentation tools. The free Zapier integration empowers firms to move data to and from various sources to Free CRM’s CRM, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Moreover, we are proud to introduce our collaboration with Microsoft Entra and integration with Authenticator, a widely used workplace app enabling businesses of all sizes to seamlessly connect their data sources or systems and implement verifiable credentials on any platform. The integration’s two-way functionality with Zapier allows startups and businesses to utilize any of the 3,000+ apps available to transfer data and trigger “Zaps” across applications and Free CRM’s CRM, all powered by verifiable credentials at no additional cost.

With the ease and accessibility provided by our Zapier integration, businesses can immediately leverage the full potential of verifiable credentials. For instance, effortlessly sending VCs in an email and SMS campaign or registering customers for a loyalty card using a digital wallet has never been more straightforward and cost-effective.

At, we are committed to delivering a next-generation CRM experience powered by verifiable credentials, all within the framework of a powerful SaaS management system. We are excited about the possibilities this integration brings to our users and the broader business community.

For further information about FreeCRM’s Zapier integration or our verifiable credentials-powered CRM, please visit our website or contact our support team. Thank you for your continued support and trust in We look forward to providing you an exceptional CRM experience for your business needs.

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