FREE delivery by Balto Rx – Breaking Barriers to Medications Access for pharmacies, hospitals & millions of patients

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Your go-to home delivery partner NATIONWIDE The most advanced digital platform that delivers prescriptions to patient’s home from local pharmacy within hours of request

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User friendly for any age, Pay-per-delivery, Video consultation with a pharmacist, Track your prescriptions, Transfer your prescriptions to pharmacy of your choice, Manage refills, Get 10% more when using digital wallet

Investment opportunity for seed, angel, VCs or private investors with equity option

Balto Rx is seeking Seed, Angel, VCs, or Private Investors to invest in revenue-generating healthcare startup having 120% Y2Y growth with equity option. Balto Rx is a digital logistic platform catering pharmacies, hospitals, and millions of patients nationwide.

FREE prescriptions delivery by Balto Rx – Breaking Barriers to Medications Access for all pharmacies, hospitals, hospices, and millions of patients nationwide

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 17, 2023/ — Balto Rx – Breaking Barriers to Medications Access Through Disruptive Digital Tools for all pharmacies, hospitals, hospices, and millions of patients nationwide with a FREE delivery offer.

Balto Rx has developed disruptive digital tools to increase access to medications for millions of people, almost 70,000 pharmacies, and hospitals nationwide and is proud to be a leader in the prescription delivery industry. We are excited to deliver products and services that will benefit our various stakeholders:

1) Patients: DeliverMyRx App
BaltoRx is introducing “Free First Delivery” to all new customers who sign up as well as frequent coupons on the DeliverMyRx app for all users. You can now take full control of your medications through the DeliverMyRx app. The newly designed patient app offers comprehensive medication management, including the ability to select your own preferred local pharmacy. In just a few simple steps, you can have all your prescriptions delivered to your doorstep within hours of a request, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Our “Patient-pharmacist video consultation” feature is user-friendly and allows patients to consult directly with their pharmacist after receiving their medications.

2) Pharmacies: 24/7 Rx home delivery services–Meds On-demand
We proudly serve every type of pharmacy, including community-based, hospital, clinical, industrial, compounding, consulting, ambulatory care, regulatory, home care, and specialized pharmacies. Our easy to use web app is equipped with features that streamline the pharmacy customer process–from live support, complete management of all orders, co-pay collection, hospital and hospice patient acquisition, and more.

Balto Rx offers a wide range of home delivery services including Everyday Rx, OnePrice (fix delivery fees), and Meds On-demand which helps us cater to a variety of needs, from a single delivery to 100 deliveries a day. In addition to operating during a pharmacy’s regular business hours, Balto Rx offers home delivery during nights and weekends. Pharmacists also have access to a comprehensive view of the process on our web app and can do everything from initiate an order to confirming its delivery, with patient signature verification upon delivery or an image of the package if left at the doorstep. The Balto Rx delivery process is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines–including the supply of tamperproof, non-transparent and sealable plastic bags in two different sizes for transportation of medications.

3) Hospitals/Hospices
Our web app also proudly serves hospitals and hospices of all sizes and capacities. Our multi-user design allows for up to 10 case managers to work simultaneously in the system to discharge patients with the proper medications. Case managers have complete control of ordering, tracking, and receiving medications for discharging patients either at the hospital or directly to their home. Hospitals and hospices also benefit from all the services provided to our pharmacies.

4) Seed, Angel, VCs, Private Investors: Balto Rx is a 3-year-old healthcare startup company seeking investment in its growth phase. Balto Rx is a fully functional revenue-generating digital platform delivering medicines to patients’ homes within hours of their request. We invite seed, angel, VCs or Private investors looking to expand their portfolios to join us on our journey to expand medication access for all.

Balto Rx started its pilot program in Q4 of 2019, then launched its commercial service in the State of CA in 2020. Then, in 2021 – 2022 expanded in selected States like AZ, TX, MI, FL, NY. In early 2023 we expanded to provide 24/7 home delivery services in collaboration with a nationally recognized delivery company. We are excited about our growth potential and think you should be too.

We are open to considering equity-based offers for any size of investment starting at $100k. For ROI please contact

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