An illustrated toucan with a vibrant red and yellow beak with a green leaf beside it, overlaid on a lush image of the Amazon rainforest. This image symbolizes Liveable's commitment to sustainability, equity, and the interconnectedness of business, nature,

Liveable’s distinctive logo, a toucan overlaid on the Amazon rainforest, symbolizes the interconnectedness of business, people, and nature. It’s a call for sustainability and equity, emphasizing the intricate balance of nature and our collective responsib

How Liveable is Reinventing the Business Model Through a Five-Pronged Approach

At Liveable, we’re reshaping the business landscape. Our ‘5 P Method’ helps companies thrive while making a difference. It’s not just about doing well; it’s about doing good.”

— Gayathri Unnikrishnan, Founder of Liveable

REDWOOD CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2023/ — With a rising demand for purpose-driven brands, businesses are seeking innovative ways to align profit with purpose. Enter Liveable, an impact strategy firm that’s breaking new ground, boosting brand value, enhancing workforce engagement, and building customer loyalty.

Founded by Gayathri Unnikrishnan, Liveable is leading the charge in aligning a company’s mission with its day-to-day practices. In an era where 70% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from purpose-driven brands (Bain & Company, 2022), and 92% of employees are likely to stay with companies that maintain a strong sense of purpose (Salesforce, 2022), this alignment is more vital than ever. Yet, many companies struggle to meet this growing demand. Liveable rises to the challenge, offering an innovative approach that transcends conventional business models, reshaping the way companies engage with customers and employees.

Unnikrishnan’s diverse experiences, including her role as Head of Standard Development at the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) and a career that spans various continents and facets of the building industry, provide a unique perspective that guides Liveable’s mission. Driven by a steadfast commitment to fostering a sustainable, equitable, and healthier world, Liveable isn’t just responding to the demand for purpose-driven business; it’s redefining it, empowering businesses to transform into forces for good and setting a new standard for meaningful impact.

A Holistic Approach: Liveable’s ‘5 P Method’

At the heart of Liveable’s work is the ‘5 P Method’, a transformative tool to foster sustainability, equity, and purpose:
People: Focuses on cultivating a culture of well-being and belonging.
Product: Guides the creation of sustainable and equitable products.
Place: Ensures healthy, sustainable, and equitable workspaces.
Philanthropy: Encourages giving back.
Partners: Advocates for fair and ethical practices.

In addition to providing a complete impact strategy, Liveable offers focused consultations in each area of the ‘5 P Method’, tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by different organizations. With solutions designed to have an immediate impact, companies can begin to see positive changes within three months.

A Movement Beyond Business

“Gayathri’s visionary leadership is a beacon of innovation that our industry has eagerly awaited. Liveable’s commitment to sustainability, equity, and compassion resonates deeply with the principles I’ve long championed. In Liveable, I don’t merely see a response to the growing demand for purpose-driven business. What I see is a transformative bridge-building movement, where changemakers and businesses unite, illuminating a path forward. This isn’t just a business model; it’s a call to action that resonates with our times. It’s an inspiring alignment of profit with purpose, and under Gayathri’s guidance, I believe it will transform how we think about business for the better. “ – Kimberly Lewis Inkumsah, Equity and Sustainability Leader, EVP of Equity, Engagement, and Events at IWBI.

In alignment with its ethos, Liveable pledges 1% of profits to essential causes like shelter, education, and food. It’s not just about making money; it’s about making a difference.

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About Liveable:
Guiding businesses to balance profit with purpose to become a force for good, Liveable offers custom-tailored strategies through its unique ‘5 P’ method. Whether enhancing reputation, engaging employees, or winning loyal customers, Liveable’s operations inspire businesses to strive for more than just profits. Learn more at

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