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Gunderson Direct has become a leader in direct mail marketing after over two decades. Its rebranding to Gundir marks a significant milestone and future vision.

HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2024 / — Like many entrepreneurs, Mike Gunderson established his company to meet a specific need. His journey began after his tenure as a direct mail designer at Providian Financial ended in 2003 due to the company’s closure. It was during his time at Providian that Gunderson developed a keen interest in the analytics of direct mail success. “I was fascinated with the idea that a change to the design or copy of a mailing could influence response and sales outcomes. Unlike a lot of my peers, I couldn’t wait for the analytics team to tell me what worked and what didn’t.”

Gunderson Direct started as a modest one-man design shop, offering direct mail creative services to clients. The company’s early focus on analytics set it apart from competitors, laying the foundation for its approach to direct mail marketing success.

A defining moment for the company came with its first full-service direct mail program for the financial startup Square. This collaboration, which expanded to involve mailing millions of pieces each month, solidified Gunderson Direct’s reputation as a comprehensive direct mail agency. The agency’s services now encompass creative design, production, data sourcing, and analytics, ensuring a holistic approach to direct mail campaigns.

Results and Recognition

Over the years, the company achieved consistent growth and garnered numerous accolades, including multiple ADDY Awards, winner of a Summit International Award, and a USPS Next Generation Campaign Award for B2B marketing excellence. The company has been celebrated as a “Great Place to Work” for six consecutive years and was recently honored with the Clutch 2023 Global Award for Direct Mail Marketing Services.

This success is attributed to the collective effort of a diverse team of 25 professionals, ranging from innovative newcomers to seasoned direct mail experts. Together, they have propelled the agency to excel in creating effective lead acquisition programs across various industries and channels.

Mike Gunderson emphasizes the importance of his team in the company’s achievements, stating, “Having a great staff isn’t just a part of the business; it’s the heart of it. Our growth and success are directly attributed to the incredible team we’ve built. Each member not only brings skill but also a commitment to excellence and innovation that enhances our capabilities every day. Their dedication and hard work are what make our achievements possible.”

The Strategy Behind the Rebrand

Rebranding the company to Gundir is a strategic move that reflects a broader focus on direct mail marketing and a commitment to efficiency and inclusivity. This new identity marks an evolution from a sole reliance on direct mail to the integration of digital strategies and technologies to ensure a comprehensive approach to direct response marketing in the digital age. Gundir’s latest innovations include PostReminder, a proprietary QR code technology, and the integration of AI tools into its agency workflow, enhancing analytics, content creation and data modeling.

The transition to Gundir also represents a significant milestone in the company’s journey, underscoring the collective identity over individual legacy to embody the ethos of teamwork. The combination of forward-thinking excellence, constant technological adaptation, and teamwork positions Gundir to meet the future demands of the marketing industry, ensuring continued growth and client success.

About Gundir (Gunderson Direct Inc.)
Gundir is a full-service marketing agency specializing in direct response marketing that uses address-based targeting. We work with large companies and well-funded start-ups who rely on top-of-funnel leads to power their pipeline and want a more reliable, measurable, and scalable approach to driving sales. What separates us from other agencies and direct mail providers is over 20 years of building and improving direct marketing programs through our proprietary targeting, testing, and optimization process. Because of this, clients get higher-quality leads, leading to increased customer profitability. For more information, contact Mike Gunderson at

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