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FTD’s Water Management as a Service offers expert insight alongside its digital capabilities, saving billions of gallons of water and millions of dollars

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Software-as-a-Service has become a standard for delivering solutions to consumer markets as the world becomes more digital. However, some industries require more than digital solutions to solve real-world problems. Combining the power of software with industry know-how, FTD solutions created the Water Management Application (WMA) coupled with their experienced team of water solution experts to offer Water Management as a Service to industrial facilities worldwide.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) evaluation criteria lead corporations to protect the planet’s precious resources. However, these criteria and regulations require the appropriate tools to account for the impact on water resources and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. FTD’s WMA provides organizations with a holistic understanding of their water consumption to change their water use and save energy to lower carbon footprints while promoting production. It acts as an in-house water management expert for facilities that don’t have a water expert onsite as well as a productivity enhancement for existing experts.

Facility operators can rely on the WMA and FTD to make informed process decisions with live advice and software support. The WMA enables remote users to collaborate simultaneously, offers digital twin capabilities, and allows teams to consider numerous scenarios before changing their operations.

“The WMA organizes and retains data, simulates alternative solutions, simplifies ESG data reporting, and more,” says Slava Libman, CEO and co-founder of FTD solutions. “Water Management as a Service is a top-down approach that structurally helps to transform organizations to accomplish sustainability goals, optimize operations, and outsource the pain points of operators.”

FTD’s WMA already helps its customers save billions of gallons of water and millions of dollars. An advanced semiconductor manufacturer struggled to meet corporate goals due to a lack of companywide uniformity. Their copious data points and inability to view one another’s water management spanning over ten manufacturing sites complicated the company’s ability to make data-driven decisions and align under one corporate ESG goal. They needed a tool that comprehensively viewed each of their sites’ water balances and offered custom approaches based on each situation.

With the WMA, this semiconductor manufacturer developed digital twins for every production facility. They built customized dashboards that could compare KPIs and established site-specific recommendations and solutions needed to meet ESG goals. The company is saving over eight billion gallons of water annually and realized $60 million in savings due to less pumping and chemical consumption. Upon full implementation of operations recommendations from the WMA, the projected annual savings surpass $140 million.

For organizations committed to achieving their ESG goals, the WMA becomes a partner in driving positive change. FTD empowers organizations to navigate the complex landscape of water management and ESG goals through streamlined operations, data-driven decision-making, and expert support. As industries face the pressing need for responsible resource use, the WMA emerges as a guide toward a future of efficiency, conservation, and substantial cost savings.


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FTD solutions is focused on environmental sustainability performance for industrial facilities through the deployment of software, expertise, and connections. It leverages deep knowledge of water and facilities, award-winning propriety software, and a legacy of bringing together industry partners to create new industry standards to provide maximum value to its clients. From diagnosing issues and defining specific solutions, to connecting industrial facility owners with the right solutions, FTD solutions eliminates inefficiencies, enhances manufacturing facility operations, and empowers environmental sustainability. Learn more about reducing CAPEX with FTD solutions at https://www.ftdsolutions.net/.


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