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Gavel’s legal AI reads large volumes of documents and creates end-to-end document automation workflows that lawyers can use internally or to collaborate with clients.

Gavel has been the AI entry point for 600+ law firms. It announced a GPT-4o integration and hit a milestone of 1 million documents generated by a single firm.

We invested in Gavel’s AI infrastructure early on, allowing us to quickly benchmark, experiment, and optimize the latest advances in large language models. This week, we improved AI accuracy by 25%.”

— Pierre Martin

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 22, 2024 / — Legal automation infrastructure Gavel incorporated GPT-4o into its platform two days after OpenAI revealed its public release. Alongside this launch, the company announced that over 600 law firms have used generative AI for the first time in their practice–through Gavel–since the launch of its generative AI feature, Gavel Blueprint, last October.

“This milestone is a testament to the scalability and power of Gavel,” said CEO Dorna Moini. “We are proud to be a part of so many law firms across the globe using artificial intelligence for the first time. For many, the past year has created an urgency to incorporate automation technology into their practice. Gavel has proven to be a critical partner for law firms in their adoption of new technology because we help them deliver immediate and practical impact to the way they work in a way that is fully understandable and controllable by the attorney.”

In addition to this AI milestone for the legal industry, the company announced its first customer to reach 1 million total documents generated with Gavel, underscoring its robust capabilities in handling large volumes of data and its powerful logic.

Gavel continues to test and benchmark large language models from several companies in its product. In testing GPT-4o, Gavel saw a 25% increase in accuracy using the new model, which it incorporated and launched two days after OpenAI’s public launch.

“From our benchmarking on a corpus of documents prepared by trained attorneys, we were able to engineer a GPT-4o integration which delivered a huge step up in accuracy while lowering latency and costs,” said Gavel CTO Pierre Martin. “We invested in Gavel’s AI infrastructure early on, which allows us to quickly benchmark, experiment, and optimize the latest advances in large language models. In just two days, we improved our AI’s accuracy by 25% while halving latency and costs in processing large documents. We continuously benchmark and optimize the latest language models from major players like OpenAI and Anthropic for the purpose of legal document drafting and document automation, so our customers nearly instantly benefit from the most recent advances in AI.”

Gavel continues to pioneer the adoption of AI and automation in the legal industry, empowering lawyers to streamline their workflows and focus on higher-value tasks. After announcing the launch of its new PDF product last month, Gavel plans to incorporate additional AI features into that product in the coming months, as part of its dedication to enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of legal professionals worldwide.

About Gavel:

Gavel is the automation infrastructure that enables legal professionals to advance the way they serve and reach clients. An intuitive, customizable way to automate any part of their law practice, Gavel gives attorneys and law firms the ability to streamline operations, save time, and serve more clients. Gavel is built by a dedicated team of lawyers and technologists committed to innovating on behalf of the legal profession. The company is led by a team of veteran lawyers, including CEO Dorna Moini, a former litigator at Sidley Austin, as well as technologists like CTO Pierre Martin with more than a decade of experience building AI and machine learning products at Microsoft and Amazon.

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