Global Deuterated Polymers Market Projected to Reach US$ 26 Million in 2029- QY Research, INC.

Deuterated Polymers Market

Deuterated Polymers Market

Demand from Electroluminescent Products and Drug Synthesis are the major drivers for the Global Deuterated Polymers industry.

CASTLETON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/ — The global Deuterated Polymers market is expected to grow at a significant pace, report by QY Research. Its latest research report, titled “Global Deuterated Polymers Market Report, History and Forecast 2017-2028”. offers a unique point of view about the global market. Analysts believe that the changing consumption patterns are expected to have a great influence on the overall market.

Deuterated Polymers report published by QYResearch reveals that COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine War impacted the market dually in 2022. Global Deuterated Polymers market is projected to reach US$ 26 million in 2029, increasing from US$ 20 million in 2022, with the CAGR of 4.2% during the period of 2023 to 2029. Demand from Electroluminescent Products and Drug Synthesis are the major drivers for the industry.

Global 3 largest manufacturers of Deuterated Polymers are Polymer Source, PSS GmbH and BOC Sciences, which make up over 57%. Among them, Polymer Source is the leader with about 24% market share. North America is the largest market, with a share about 70%, followed by Europe and China, with the share about 18% and 7%. In terms of product type, Deuterated Paraformaldehyde occupy the largest share of the total market, about 45%. And in terms of product Application, the largest application is Electroluminescent Products, followed by Drug Synthesis.

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Deuterated polymers have been of interest in various fields, including:

1. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy: Deuterated polymers are often used as solvents in NMR spectroscopy experiments. Since deuterium has a nuclear spin, it can provide valuable NMR data without interfering with the signals of interest from the compound being analyzed.

2. Drug Delivery and Biomaterials: Deuterated polymers have been explored for drug delivery applications due to their potential to enhance drug stability, modify drug release profiles, and reduce potential side effects. They can also be used in the development of biomaterials with altered properties.

3. Polymer Research: Studying the behavior of deuterated polymers can provide insights into the effects of isotopic substitution on polymer properties. This research can contribute to a better understanding of polymer physics and chemistry.

4. Industrial Applications: Depending on the specific properties of the deuterated polymers, they might find applications in various industries, including aerospace, electronics, coatings, and more.

5. Radiation Shielding: The heavier mass of deuterium compared to regular hydrogen can contribute to improved radiation shielding properties in certain applications.

Players can use the report to gain sound understanding of the growth trend of important segments of the global Deuterated Polymers market. The report offers separate analysis of product type and application segments of the global Deuterated Polymers market. Each segment is studied in great detail to provide a clear and thorough analysis of its market growth, future growth potential, growth rate, growth drivers, and other key factors. The segmental analysis offered in the report will help players to discover rewarding growth pockets of the global Deuterated Polymers market and gain a competitive advantage over their opponents.

Key Players Mentioned in the Global Deuterated Polymers Market Research Report:

Polymer Source
Aladdin Biochemical
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
BOC Sciences

Global Deuterated Polymers Market Segmentation by Product:

Deuterated Polyethylene
Deuterated Polystyrene
Deuterated Paraformaldehyde

Global Deuterated Polymers Market Segmentation by Application:

Electroluminescent Products
Drug Synthesis
Laboratory Research

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