Global Exchange Vacation Club Marks 20th Anniversary


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Global Exchange Vacation Club Marks 20th Anniversary

Global Exchange Vacation Club which offers affordable and effortless vacation ownership experiences using RCI points, reached its 20th anniversary this year. Announcing this milestone event was Rick Sargent, President of the Club and RVI, its administrative entity: “With nearly 30,000 members, GEVC is a pioneer in the Vacation Club segment of the Vacation Ownership industry. We are proud of our strategic alliance with RCI, one of the most trusted names in the vacation ownership and exchange industry.”

A 44 year veteran of the timeshare industry, Rick created the unique GEVC concept based on inventory and experiences under the banner of RCI to serve two purposes. Initially the Club was set up as a multi-location vacation ownership program where members have rights to access vacation accommodations all over the world through RCI. Many timeshares are luxurious resorts with a concierge, spas, and great restaurants. It has grown to also incorporate options for cruises and other vacation experiences.

GEVC was on the cutting edge of the Vacation Club concept and remains at its forefront today. Members pay an initial membership fee and nominal annual dues which allows them to have unlimited access to affordable luxury accommodations all over the world. Unlike traditional timeshares that often provide a deed of ownership to one resort, this vacation club offers members a choice in customizing the length of vacation time, size of accommodations and when or where they wish to travel each year.

GEVC members can take their pick of timeshare vacations from a variety of properties across the U.S. and throughout the world. There’s no limit to where members may travel. RCI has 4,200 resorts across the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Canada, Australia. Members simply login to the RCI platform, choose their the resorts that fit their budget and the type of vacation they want.

Today’s timeshare business model is all about flexibility and variety. GEVC’s structure ensures that members have:

• Access to high-quality accommodations

• Savings on travel costs

• Flexibility to travel to their favorite destinations

• The chance to visit different parts of the world

• Less work, with all the benefits of a second home.

. Plenty of space for family reunions and activities for everyone. Choices include various sizes, number of bedrooms or members may select multiple units to accommodate the whole family.

“After my four decades in the timeshare/vacation ownership industry, I’m proud to open up the possibilities of timeshare ownership to the scores of folks who wanted variety and flexibility in their vacations. Along the way, most resort entities have moved closer to this business model. We are proud to be among the first and that our owners are still referring their family and friends to GEVC after decades of enjoyment,” said Rick.


Headquartered in Orange County, California, GEVC is proud of its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. GEVC is a California not-for-profit Homeowners Association which holds the real estate in trust for the benefit and use of its members. Specializing in vacation products, the company offers exciting opportunities for travel, including destinations like Hawaii and Mexico. With showrooms in Orange, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston, GEVC, along with its management company Resort Vacations, Inc. (RVI), aims to provide new and enjoyable vacation experiences for families.

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