SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 2, 2023/ — GLS US Freight, the trusted leader in freight delivery, is now better equipped than ever to support businesses amidst the recent industry disruptions. The expanded capacity and robust infrastructure ensure reliable, timely, and flexible freight solutions tailored to unique requirements.

Reliable Deliveries: Timely and Dependable – At GLS US Freight, the primary focus is business satisfaction. With GLS’s unwavering commitment to punctuality and safety, you can trust us to deliver shipments on schedule and intact. GLS’s cutting-edge facilities and advanced technology guarantee top-notch care for cargo throughout its journey.

Flexibility as the Key: Tailored Solutions – GLS understands that every business is distinctive, and GLS’s agile approach allows us to create bespoke logistics solutions for businesses. No matter the challenges, GLS US Freight is dedicated to empowering seamless supply chain management that adapts effortlessly to business’s needs.

Robust North American Network: Efficiency Redefined – Embrace logistics excellence with GLS’s extensive coverage strategically spread across key cities and regions. By optimizing efficiency and minimizing transit times, GLS US Freight ensures the freight reaches its destination with optimal speed and precision.

“We’ve got your back during these transformative times,” stated Jameson Goforth, VP of Sales and Revenue, with genuine enthusiasm.

And according to Joe Bartone, the COO-LTL at GLS US Freight, “Our nimbleness and unwavering dedication to accommodating our client’s needs have always set us apart. We understand the challenges that businesses face in today’s dynamic market, which is why we take pride in offering an additional edge with our digital freight experience. It streamlines the shipping process, allowing our clients to manage their freight with ease and efficiency.”

GLS US Freight remains steadfast in its mission to support business growth. As industry disruptions unfold, we’ve proactively expanded GLS’s capacity and fortified its infrastructure to handle increasing volumes effectively.

To elevate your freight experience, visit for more information or reach out to our dedicated Sales team at or (800) 237-9669. Let GLS US Freight be a partner in navigating the ever-changing freight landscape!

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