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LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2024 / — GLYNNdesignbuild, the premier design-build firm, emphasizes the importance of finding balance when decluttering your home at the turn of every season. Materialism can be an issue for many people when they decide to make room or rearrange their favorite space. Letting go of memorabilia and unique items can elicit many emotions. Britt Glynn, the co-founder of GLYNNdesignbuild, says, “It makes me feel joy deep down in my soul when every closet, ‘junk’ drawer and office cabinet has been organized and relieved of any clutter that found its way in while I wasn’t looking. The world is then right again. I can think creatively now that my space is organized, decluttered, has amazing natural light, preferably multiple plants nearby, and two well-fed dogs are sleeping by my side.”

“This same side of the brain manifests itself in planning architectural and interior finishes for our projects. The Spring Cleaning brain puts on its gloves, rolls its sleeves, and edits!” says Glynn.

According to Psychology Today, clutter creates chaos, which impacts the ability to focus and limits the brain’s capacity to process information. Clutter is a form of visual distraction that increases cognitive overload and can reduce working memory. It can be difficult to focus or concentrate if the space is disorganized and cluttered. Research has shown that people are less irritable, less distracted, more productive, and better able to process information in an uncluttered and organized work area. Finding a design-build team that prioritizes reducing clutter is essential for creating functional and productive spaces. GLYNNdesignbuild understands the negative impact of clutter on productivity, focus, and overall well-being. By emphasizing clutter reduction in their design approach, they ensure that every aspect of the space is carefully considered to minimize visual distractions and promote organization.

“Of course, all designers start with a big pile of materials, but these get whittled down pretty quickly in my projects. Just like finally saying goodbye to the jacket you never wear but looks great in your closet, amazing tiles get thrown out the door, beautiful woods get shelved, and an amazing steel sample is not right for the project. Sometimes, we have to let go of wonderful things to find balance. All the painful (not for me!) editing is worth it because after it is done, we can breathe again..” Glynn concludes.

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