GLYNT.AI Named a Top 10 ESG Solution Provider

GLYNT.AI Named a Top 10 ESG Solution Provider

“GLYNT.AI is at the forefront of revolutionizing sustainability data management.”

With its innovative technology, commitment to compliance, and strategic vision for the future, GLYNT.AI is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of environmental data management and reporting.”

— GRC Outlook

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2024 / — GLYNT.AI, The Sustainability Data Company, announced that it has been named one of the Top 10 ESG Solution Providers in 2024 by GRC Outlook. This recognition affirms GLYNT’s commitment to delivering accurate, financial-grade sustainability data that is ready for regulatory filings, investor disclosures and integrated financial-sustainability reporting. The GLYNT system is powered by proprietary fit-for-purpose AI that enables highly accurate and scalable processing for hugely varied and constantly changing original data sources from around the world.

GRC Outlook lauds GLYNT as the one-stop solution for audit-ready sustainability data, including sustainability data that is deeply tied to financial systems, enabling the integrated financial-sustainability planning and reporting required by the recent SEC rules and the EU’s CSRD. With sustainability data at SOX-quality levels, businesses using GLYNT data have taken a key, no-regrets first step to routinizing sustainability reporting.

“We are focused on the same issues as our customers,” said Martha Amram, CEO of GLYNT.AI., “And that is accurate, financial-grade sustainability data prepared in compliant systems. The quality of our data opens doors to cost-effective reporting, to investor capital and to operational wins. Every GLYNT customer should be able to monetize their sustainability data with these clear outcomes. GLYNT is not only cost-effective today, but a high ROI play for the future.”

GRC Outlook concludes: Accurate and audited sustainability data is paramount for regulators, investors, and customers. With increased harmonization of global standards for climate and ESG disclosures, the demand for reliable sustainability data is at an all-time high – and rapidly increasing. But many sustainability solutions fall short and fail to provide the quality of sustainability data that meets investor needs, opens capital access and avoids disclosure risk. GLYNT.AI steps in to close the gap.

To learn more about the recognition from GRC Outlook, see “GRC Outlook Top 10 ESG Solution Providers 2024

GLYNT.AI is The Sustainability Data Company, producing financial-grade data for businesses around the world. Our audit-ready sustainability data enables accurate reporting, operational efficiencies and access to financial capital. With a purpose-built machine learning system, GLYNT is the automated solution for all types of water, waste, energy and emissions data. Speed work, lower costs, and power ESG, carbon accounting and other business systems with fresh, accurate, and granular data from GLYNT. Learn more at

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