GR8TEK™ Unveils SMRTLED+ Full Spectrum Series on Amazon

GR8TEK Founder & CEO, Alan Ghahramani

GR8TEK Founder & CEO, Alan Ghahramani



SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2023 / — GR8 TEK, the visionary technology company led by former Apple Senior Cloud Architect Alan Ghahramani, announces the availability of its acclaimed SMRTLED+ line already launched on Amazon and UV Optical Disinfection products going on pre-order. This strategic move aims to broaden the accessibility of GR8 TEK’s cutting-edge solutions in carbon-neutral sustainable indoor organic farming and energy-efficient UV Optical Disinfection to a wider audience.

GR8 TEK’s SMRTLED+ series, renowned for its high-performance and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions, is now just a click away for Amazon shoppers. This series includes:

SMRTLED+ 10K, 8.5K, and 5K LED Strips: Offering varying lumen outputs (10,000, 8,500, and 5,000), these LED strips are ideal for a range of indoor applications, equipped with both primary strips and eXtender expansion options now available

SMRTLED+ SunRise: Delivering a robust 50,000 lumens (2,453 PPFD) per stack and stackable up to 150,000 lumens (7,359 PPFD), the SunRise Tower is an innovation in enhancing micro-green yields. It stands out for its low-voltage, carbon-neutral, and calendar- centric approach, making sustainable eating a practical reality.

SMRTLED+ SunCluster: With an impressive 70,000 lumens 3,430 PPFD per cluster, SunCluster is designed to transform the face of indoor farming through its exceptional illumination and energy-saving features.

In addition to the SMRTLED+ series, GR8TEK’s pioneering UV products are available on pre-order:

SMRTLED+ Motion-Deactivated UV Sanitizer: A groundbreaking product that offers automatic UV germicidal light deactivates upon motion detection, ensuring safety while continuously and effortlessly sanitizing the environment.

SMRTLED+ UV Grow: Engineered for indoor plant enthusiasts, this device uses UVA spectrum LED technology to emulate natural sunlight, promoting healthy and robust plant growth indoors.

GR8 TEK’s dedication to sustainability shines through its product lineup, providing a greener alternative to traditional farming methods. The non-heat generating SMRTLED+ series, eliminating the need for a ballast, significantly reduces carbon emissions. Paired with Optical Disinfection instead of pesticides, these innovations represent a leap forward in tackling the environmental and health challenges of our era. The commitment to eco-friendly practices is at the heart of GR8 TEK’s pioneering solutions.

Guided by Alan Ghahramani’s leadership, GR8 TEK has emerged as a disruptor in the realm of smart technology solutions. Ghahramani’s extensive experience and visionary approach serve as the driving forces behind GR8 TEK’s overarching mission – to deliver smarter, sustainable solutions that address food insecurities and energy costs. Under his guidance, GR8 TEK is at the forefront of shaping a future where technology meets sustainability in unprecedented ways.

“I am thrilled to witness the accessibility of GR8 TEK’s innovative products on Amazon,” expressed by the founder, Alan Ghahramani. “Our journey at GR8 TEK has consistently revolved around introducing sustainable, efficient, carbon-neutral IoT smart devices as the centerpiece of our platform. The availability of our SMRTLED+ series and UV germicidal products on this global platform marks a significant stride towards realizing our vision for a more sustainable and energy-efficient advanced future. We are excited to provide customers with the ease of accessing our cutting-edge solutions with just a click and fast free delivery. Our commitment remains steadfast in continuous innovation and improvement of our agtech automation platform for organic indoor vertical farming, leveraging patented IoT devices to enhance lighting, energy management, optical disinfection, and irrigation. This ensures higher quality harvests while maintaining a carbon-neutral, low-voltage, all managed through a calendar centric easy to use smart app.”

Customers can now easily purchase GR8 TEK’s SMRTLED+ series products on Amazon, bringing cutting-edge technology right to their doorstep. As GR8 TEK continues to innovate, its products on Amazon represent an opportunity for consumers to be part of a sustainable and carbon-neutral advanced future.

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About GR8TEK™
GR8 TEK, founded by former Apple Senior Cloud Architect Alan Ghahramani, is at the forefront of sustainable technology and smart home solutions. Renowned for its innovative SMRTLED+ series and UV sanitization products, GR8 TEK is committed to revolutionizing indoor farming and improving Optical Disinfection standards. With a focus on environmental responsibility, efficiency, and customer accessibility, GR8 TEK’s products are designed to make a positive impact on the planet and are available for a broader audience through Amazon. For more information, visit or its Amazon storefront.

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