Graphene-X is back to Kickstarter with their most capable adventure kit yet, the Everything Proof Kit.

Crafted to withstand everything

Graphene-X is back to Kickstarter with their most capable adventure kit yet, the Everything Proof Kit.

Built for adventure

Graphene-X is back to Kickstarter with their most capable adventure kit yet, the Everything Proof Kit.

Tough as nails

Graphene-X launches ‘Everything Proof Pants & Shirt’ on Kickstarter Nov 14: Gear for extreme adventures. Super Early Bird pricing available.

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — Graphene-X, the Hong Kong-based pioneer in graphene-integrated adventure clothing, is set to launch its latest products on Kickstarter. The “Everything Proof Pants & Shirt” kit, featuring state-of-the-art materials technology, is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, making it the ideal gear for any adventure.

Jorge Barros, founder & CEO of Graphene-X, says, “The Everything Proof Pants and Shirt are some of the most advanced products we’ve launched so far. They are crafted to adapt and transition from hot and humid climates to arctic settings where they were thoroughly tested before launch. The materials technology on this kit is in a whole different level.”

Product Innovation and Features

The Everything Proof Pants are a versatile tool for the explorer. With the ability to convert into shorts, these pants are integrated with graphene for extreme durability. Their impressive 20k waterproof and breathability rating, combined with a stretchable waist and adjustable hems, provide unbeatable comfort and fit. Practicality is key, with multiple pockets including hidden compartments for protective pads, axe hanger, knife pocket, and detachable suspenders. Ventilation pockets ensure temperature regulation in varied climates.

The Everything Proof Shirt stands out with its all-across ventilation system. Featuring a tactical double-height neck and UPF-50 fabric, the shirt ensures maximum protection and comfort. Thoughtful additions like multi-compartment chest pockets, hidden lens cloth, and an interior passport pocket make it a must-have for any journey. Reflective details enhance visibility, while rollable sleeves and inside-outside hangers add to its versatility.

Target Audience and Campaign Goals

Aimed at men aged 30 to 65 in the United States, the Everything Proof kit caters to a high-income, innovation and technology-focused demographic. The Kickstarter campaign, launching on November 14th, aims to raise USD $30,000, continuing Graphene-X’s impressive track record of over 2.5 million USD raised through previous seven campaigns.

Media Assets and Early Bird Specials

High-quality images and videos of the products are available at Graphene-X Media Kit. Super Early Bird prices will be available for the first 48 hours post-launch.

Company Background

Graphene-X, emerging from the dynamic urban landscape of Hong Kong, has continually pushed the boundaries of materials technology in clothing. With a commitment to quality and a lifetime guarantee, the company has expanded its reach to over 100 countries. Drawing parallels to the technology in Formula 1 racing, Graphene-X’s approach to clothing is about integrating cutting-edge technology for maximum performance.

Call to Action

Readers are encouraged to visit the Kickstarter campaign and check the Super Early Bird deals available during the first days of the campaign. Also can check the company’s website to get a full view of the available products.

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