Green Home Systems Launches a Free Guide for Homeowners: “5 Things to Check Before Going Solar”

Free Guide for Homeowners: “5 Things to Check Before Going Solar”

Our guide provides a deep understanding of the benefits and potential savings of solar energy. It’s our way of supporting homeowners in making well-informed choices for their energy needs.”

— John Harper, Marketing Director At GHS

NORTHRIDGE, CA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/ — Green Home Systems, a leading name in renewable energy solutions, is excited to announce the launch of their new, free guide for homeowners, “5 Things to Check Before Going Solar.” This comprehensive resource is designed to empower homeowners with essential insights and knowledge to ensure a smooth transition to solar energy.

As the world increasingly embraces sustainable alternatives, the decision to go solar has become more than just an environmental choice—it’s a smart financial move. With the “5 Things to Check Before Going Solar” guide, Green Home Systems, an Authorized Panasonic Elite Installer and Solar Power World Top Solar Contractors for 2023, is committed to providing homeowners with a clear roadmap to make informed decisions about their energy future.

Highlights of the Guide:
Benefits of Solar Energy: Explore the numerous advantages that solar energy brings, from reduced electricity bills to contributing to a greener environment.
Potential Cost Savings: Gain insights into how solar energy can lead to substantial long-term savings for your household.
Tax Incentives and Rebates: Navigate the world of tax incentives and rebates available for homeowners who choose solar.
Selecting the Right Installation Company: Discover valuable tips for choosing the ideal solar installation company that aligns with your needs and values.
Key Considerations for Installation: Learn about the essential factors to consider when planning your solar installation, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

“We understand that transitioning to solar energy is a significant decision for homeowners,” says John Harper, Marketing Director at Green Home Systems. “Our ‘5 Things to Check Before Going Solar’ guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the process, benefits, and potential savings associated with solar energy. It’s our way of supporting homeowners in making well-informed choices for their energy needs.”
The guide is available for free download on the Green Home Systems website. As advocates of sustainable living, Green Home Systems remains committed to helping homeowners harness the power of solar energy while making informed choices that positively impact their homes, finances, and the environment.

Green Home Systems is one of the nation’s top providers of clean energy solutions, extending its influence across 21 states. Recognized as an Enphase Gold Installer and Elite Panasonic Installer, the company seamlessly fuses cutting-edge technology with sustainable living practices. At its core is an innovative virtual quoting proprietary tool, connecting homeowners with local installers and empowering informed decisions that lead to significant utility bill savings and environmental preservation. Beyond being a leading clean energy provider, Green Home Systems thrives on a collaborative network of over 1,000 industry professionals, fostering an ecosystem of innovation and shared expertise. By leveraging advanced technology, the company empowers homeowners to manage their energy consumption, ultimately reducing their carbon footprint. Green Home Systems is more than a transformation of homes—it’s the architect of a sustainable, high-tech future where homeowners champion clean energy adoption for a greener planet. Explore our commitment at

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