Greg Kirakosian Wins $9.8 Million Sexual Assault Case Against Now Fugitive Zafer Alpat

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Kirakosian law wins 9 Million for sexual assault victim

Kirakosian law wins 9 Million for sexual assault victim

Greg Kirakosian and victim Natalie White looking to bring light to sexual assault fugitive actor known for role in Morgan Freeman series and work Kendrick Lamar

[I] extend an invitation to news organizations to join [us] in shedding light on this case and raising awareness about the urgent need for justice for victims of sexual abuse and assault”

— Greg Kirakosian

LOS ANGELES, CA, LOS ANGELES, July 20, 2023/ — Kirakosian Law and Natalie White are looking to work with media organizations to bring this frightening tale of sexual assault by an actor known for his biblical role in the Morgan Freeman series “The Story of God” as well as his work with hip hop icon Kendrick Lamar.

Zafer Alpat is now a fugitive after Natalie White’s case, with the skillful advocacy of attorney Greg Kirakosian, resulted in a favorable judgment in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles on March 23, 2023 (Case Num: 21stcv26059, Chester Horn, Jr, LACC) .

Ms. White’s harrowing experience began with a stay arranged through a popular home-sharing app, which quickly turned into a nightmare. The towering figure of Zafer Alpat, standing at 6’3″ and weighing over 200 lbs, subjected Ms. White to a disturbing act of sexual violence that left a lasting impact on her life.

Despite Mr. Alpat’s attempts to evade accountability, fleeing outside of the country and failing to appear at the final hearing, Judge H. Chester Horn presided over the proceeding and issued a judgment in Ms. White’s favor with compensation for $9,800,000.

However, Attorney Greg L. Kirakosian expressed disappointment at the lack of cooperation from the defendant and the failure of the criminal justice system to prevent Mr. Alpat’s escape. Kirakosian highlighted the complications arising from Mr. Alpat’s flight to Turkey, potentially impeding efforts to hold him fully accountable for the damages inflicted on Ms. White.

While the court’s judgment provides some measure of recognition for the harm endured by Ms. White, the fact that Zafer Alpat remains a fugitive undermines the pursuit of justice. Attorney Greg L. Kirakosian extends an invitation to news organizations to join him in shedding light on this case and raising awareness about the urgent need for justice for victims of sexual abuse and assault.

Natalie White’s traumatic experience emphasizes the crucial importance of implementing comprehensive safety measures within the home-sharing app service industry. It serves as a wake-up call for both app service providers and the broader community to prioritize user safety, ensuring that such horrifying incidents are prevented to the greatest extent possible.

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