LA PUENTE, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 1, 2023 / — In today’s competitive business landscape, marketing is paramount for local businesses to flourish. Maya Tree Service, owned by Victor Rodriguez, has seen its growth and success soar thanks to Tree Leads Today (TLT), a renowned marketing company specializing in providing exclusive leads to tree care and removal businesses.

Maya Tree Service has been serving the communities of La Puente, Valinda, West Puente Valley, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, and Walnut for over five years. As a company that specializes in large tree jobs, stump removal, and landscaping, Maya Tree Service sets itself apart from the competition by providing meticulous, high-quality services that leave properties manicured and pristine.

Since partnering with Tree Leads Today, Victor Rodriguez and his team have experienced substantial growth in their business. TLT has provided exclusive leads that have translated into a steady influx of jobs. According to Victor, “TLT has provided leads that led to jobs, which, in turn, led to more jobs in the same town and even beyond as people saw our work.” This domino effect of success highlights the power of exclusive leads in generating more business for tree care companies.

The impact on Maya Tree Service’s revenue has been significant. Their business has seen a remarkable 40-50% increase in revenue since partnering with Tree Leads Today. This growth is a testament to the effectiveness of exclusive leads and targeted marketing in the tree care industry.

As the workload from Tree Leads Today leads continued to increase, Victor Rodriguez had to make some adjustments to keep up with the demand. “We had to ask TLT to slow down our leads because we were already filled with work,” he explains. This challenge of managing excess demand demonstrates the transformative role that Tree Leads Today has played in the company’s success.

Maya Tree Service’s expertise and reputation in large tree jobs, stump removal, and landscaping have allowed them to build a loyal customer base. Victor emphasizes that their specialty extends beyond just tree care; they take pride in leaving homes in immaculate condition, and their commitment to quality service has earned them many regular customers. Their focus on client satisfaction has been a key factor in their growth and success.

When it comes to exclusive leads, Victor acknowledges the significant difference they make for Maya Tree Service. He notes, “It makes a big difference that we get a lead that none of our competitors get. We get to them promptly to assess the job and provide an estimate, and we usually win the job.” The exclusivity of these leads not only reduces competition but also ensures that potential customers are specifically seeking Maya Tree Service’s expertise, which enhances the chances of winning contracts.

Maya Tree Service’s remarkable journey of growth and success is a testament to the importance of effective marketing in the tree care industry. Tree Leads Today’s exclusive leads have played a pivotal role in driving business growth, helping Maya Tree Service secure jobs, satisfy customers, and ultimately thrive in a competitive market.

As the success story of Maya Tree Service unfolds, it becomes evident that tree care marketing, as facilitated by Tree Leads Today, can be a game-changer for local tree service providers across the country. The exclusivity, promptness, and efficiency of the leads have made a significant impact on Maya Tree Service’s ability to grow and succeed in the industry.

For more information about Maya Tree Service and their services, you can contact Victor Rodriguez at (626) 523-2036 or email

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