H3 Entertainment and Vertex Labs Announce Strategic Partnership and Joint Build of LightCycle

LOS ANGLES, CA, USA, July 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — H3 Entertainment and Vertex Labs (Vertexlabs.uk) are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership, joining forces to drive innovation and development in the entertainment industry. Together, these two world-leading companies will collaborate to revolutionize the global entertainment landscape and deliver captivating experiences to audiences worldwide. As part of this partnership, H3 Entertainment and Vertexlabs.uk will jointly develop Vertexlabs.uk’s LightCycle, the world’s first 3D metaverse platform built on the Cadeceus blockchain set to redefine the boundaries of entertainment.

By combining H3 Entertainment’s creative talent and content production experience with Vertexlabs.uk’s superior technological innovation and expertise in the Metaverse Web3 and AI infrastructure, this collaboration aims to develop unique and immersive entertainment experiences. The partnership will explore innovative projects that integrate virtual reality, augmented reality, and AI technologies with entertainment content, transcending the boundaries of traditional media.

“We are thrilled to establish this partnership with Vertex Labs,” said Sid Ganis, co-founder of H3 Entertainment. “Their expertise in virtual reality, augmented reality, and their recent acquisition of Digimental Studio, the brain behind NFT fashion brand, HAPE, align perfectly with our vision for pushing the boundaries of entertainment. Together, we will deliver unforgettable experiences to audiences worldwide.”

H3 Entertainment is a Dubai-based company that is at the forefront of connecting intellectual property (IP) with fan communities. They aim to revolutionize the entertainment experience by bridging Hollywood and Web3 through the power of blockchain and decentralized technology. Their visionary film projects, such as “Classic of Mountain and Seas,” beautifully combine the rich heritage of the ancient Chinese text with the captivating essence of Cyberpunk. Additionally, their collaboration with esteemed Japanese Production Designer Yoshihito Akatsuka in the animation film project “The Interstice” pushes the boundaries of storytelling by intertwining the realms of film and the metaverse.The projects mentioned, including “Classic of Mountain and Seas” and “The Interstice,” will all collaborate with Vertexlabs.uk

Vertexlabs.uk is the world’s leading provider of Web3 and AI infrastructure. Powered by decentralized edge rendering, it offers an unparalleled solution. Its Caduceus metaverse protocol is modular and easy to adopt, with up to 100,000 fast transactions per second, extremely low gas costs and compatibility with EVM. This means developers can use its decentralized real-time edge rendering and AI computing for migration, immersion and streaming.Leveraging their extensive expertise and technological prowess, Vertexlabs.uk has become a sought-after partner in the global entertainment industry.

On May 23rd, Vertexlabs.uk made headlines with its acquisition of Digimental Studio, the creative force behind the acclaimed 3D NFT fashion brand, Hape, $12 million. This strategic move is poised to have a profound impact on the global Metaverse industry, reshaping its landscape. Thanks to Vertexlabs.uk’s relentless pursuit of technological advancements, the visionary concept of LightCycle has transformed into a tangible reality.LightCycle is the world’s first 3D Metaverse platform built on the Caduceus blockchain and with real-time edge-rendering technology. It is set to become the go-to destination for art, film, gaming, music, fashion, sports, real estate and retail through the utility of NFTs.

LightCycle’s road map includes a content management system to enable the upload of digital and virtual assets, creation of diverse interactive spaces and purchase of virtual land. These features allow individuals and businesses to engage with their communities in new ways and enable global audiences to interact with their favorite brands and influencers in a stunning 3D environment.

This strategic partnership between H3 Entertainment and Vertexlabs.uk marks an exciting milestone in revolutionizing the entertainment industry. By integrating cutting-edge technologies with captivating storytelling, both companies are committed to providing audiences with innovative and immersive entertainment experiences that will shape the future of entertainment.

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