Halima Aden, the worlds first modest supermodel presents Buttonscarves’ Latest Collection the Crown series

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Two amazing women, Linda Anggrea & Halima Aden, breaking barriers on the runway for Istanbul fashion week

hijab, Istanbul, Indonesia, fashion Runway, fashion show, Modest brands, top model, photo shoot, UNICEF ambassador, Halima Aden showcasing Buttonscarves modest fashion at Istanbul Fashion Week

Halima Aden shining in Buttonscarves newest collection the Crown series

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Halima Aden wearing Buttonscarves, the Crown Series headscarf, Indonesia’s biggest modest fashion brand

Buttonscarves and Halima Aden are breaking barriers with modest fashion going global, presenting modest fashion for all women.

I am deeply honored to present the Crown Series — a shoot that embodies the spirit of breaking barriers, reflects my journey, and celebrates the strength and regality within every woman,”

— Halima Aden

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Halima Aden, the world’s first modest supermodel, presents Buttonscarves, Indonesia’s largest modest brand,’ latest collection, the Crown series headscarves.

Buttonscarves, a leading name in modest fashion, has taken the world by storm. Founded in 2016 by Linda Anggrea, the brand offers an extensive range of products, including clothing, scarves, handbags, elegant robes, shoes, glasses, swimwear, and athletic attire designed specifically for the modest market. With over 50 stores across Indonesia and Malaysia and appearances at major fashion weeks, Buttonscarves stands at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry.

The Rise of Modest Fashion

The modest fashion sector is currently one of the fastest-growing segments in the global fashion industry. According to the Global Islamic Economy report, the modest fashion market was valued at $277 billion in 2023, with projections to reach $311 billion by 2024. Buttonscarves’ innovative approach and expansive presence have played a pivotal role in this growth, positioning the brand as a key player in the industry.

Linda Anggrea’s Vision

Linda Anggrea, CEO and Founder, is the driving force behind Buttonscarves, who has been methodical in her approach to growth. “We are incredibly honored to feature Halima Aden,” says Anggrea. “Utilizing America’s first hijab-wearing supermodel, who has achieved global infamy, it only made sense for Buttonscarves to work with Halima, as we too are reaching a larger global market. Together, both aim to inspire women everywhere to realize their limitless potential.”

Halima Aden: The Perfect Muse for Buttonscarves

Halima Aden’s journey from a refugee camp to becoming a supermodel is a testament to her resilience and determination. Halima, the first hijab-wearing model to grace the covers of Vogue and Allure and appear in campaigns for brands like Fenty Beauty and Yeezy, Halima is the perfect muse for Buttonscarves. “I am deeply honored to present the Crown Series with @buttonscarves — a shoot that embodies the spirit of breaking barriers, reflects my journey, and celebrates the strength and regality within every woman,” Aden shared on Instagram.

A Commitment of Shared Goals

Both Buttonscarves and Halima Aden are committed to breaking barriers in the fashion world. Halima’s work as a UNICEF ambassador aligns seamlessly with Buttonscarves’ mission to support and inspire those in need and also create more awareness of the modest market worldwide. Together, the #ButtonscarvesGoesGlobal campaign highlights this dedication to creativity, quality, and innovation, aiming to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide and achieve remarkable milestones as a modest brand. Buttonscarves continues to grow worldwide and incorporate new styles, activations, events and appropriate awareness to garner attention to a market that has proven growth that many might consider niche, but truth be told, we will see many other brands following Buttonscarves lead into the world of modest fashion for women who want to be unique and feel supported by a community they feel comfortable in.

For more information, visit www.buttonscarves.com.

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