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A Biohacking Health and Space Science EXPO Conference at the Alexis Park resort, Las Vegas


Press Release
Date: 7/31/2023
The Cosmic Fleet Gathering Alien Event bringing ET Disclosure, Secret Space, Artificial Intelligence, UFOLOGY, Alientology & Technology, to Las Vegas on SEPT 14-17, 2023.
By: Saeed David Farman, CEO of BIOMED EXPO,
Alien event website:
Phone: 1-702-890-1290
ALEXIS PARK RESORT, 375 E. Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89169.
Only 10 minutes from the Las Vegas international Airport and 79 Miles from Area 51.
Keynote Speakers: Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Jonny Enoch, Mike Bara & Brad Olsen.
Other amazing Speakers: Sarah Breskman Cosme, Andrew D. Basiago Esq, Dr. Johnny Delirious, Dr. Raul Valverde, Saeed David Farman, Ismael Perez, Alex Gonzales, Brooks Agnew, Brad Olsen, Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Louis Turi, James Rink, Mary Beaver, Hans Dietrich, Eric Dadmehr, Phill Wright, Alan Bedian, Julia Kamman, Keygun Losleben & Ocean Sky.
Topics of Discussion:
Saeed David Farman the Alien Event CEO/ Commander Cosmic 1, and Keynote Speaker and Aerospace Engineer Mike Bara of Ancient Aliens will discuss the Las Vegas 2 Aliens landing in the Backyard incident.
According to a news report, a family living in Las Vegas valley home reported seeing aliens in their backyard during the late-night hours on April 30. According to two witnesses, a pair of very tall “non-human” beings witnessed in a Northwest Las Vegas backyard, just minutes after a fireball in the sky. The Las Vegas Metro Police later released body camera footage showing a mysterious object in the sky. A family later reported that they had “non-human” visitors in their backyard. Since then, the Men in black have moved the family to S4 underground secret facility at Area 51.
Other possible discussions: The Congressional Committee hearing with whistleblower David Grusch, The Alien Agenda, Area 51, S4, Dulce Base, Secret Space Programs, Mars colony, Artificial Intelligence, DUMB, Deep Underground Military Bases, Super Soldiers, U.S bases on Moon and MARS, Alternative 3, Time travel, Telepathy, Teleportation, The Rainbow Project, Project Invisibility, Phoenix Project, Teleportation Projects, Nicola Tesla. John Von Neumann, USS Eldridge, The Montauk Chair, Dr, Wolf, Alternate Reality, Warping Space Time, Teleportation Machine, Underground Extraterrestrial Bases, Antarctica, Tartaria, Pleiadeans, Pyramids of Antarctica and MARS, Gray Reptilians, Arcturians, Tall Whites, the 57 Alien races, Ancient Civilizations, Time Tunneling, Grey Alien projects, Atlantis, Worm Holes, Space Time, Rings of Saturn, Life on Venus, Ancient Civilizations, Mars Ruins, Artificial Intelligence, Philadelphia Experiment. Incarnation, Teleportation Projects, Space-Time Tunneling, Alternate Reality, Warping Space Time, Altered States of Reality, Extra-Terrestrial Bases, Teleportation Machines, Time tunneling, alien projects, Hyper Space, Space – Time Continuum, Invisibility Machines, Time Vortex, Face of Mars, Telepathic Thought, and Powers of the Mind, Alternate Realities, Artificial Intelligence, Anomalies in time, Subconscious Mind, Alien Intervention, Celestial Management, Self-Conscious computers, Philadelphia experiment & The subconscious mind.

Over one thousand attendees expected to attend over 4 days of these amazing events.
A 26,000-year-old Jade Lemurian tablet, Alien Artifacts on display for the first time for public viewing.
General admission for Alien Event is only $399 which covers lectures, workshops, panels (incentives are $100 each and Dinner Banquets are $80 each).
Alien event ticket also includes Biomed Expo and conference which ushers in new earth frequencies of biohacking and Trans-Humanism at the Las Vegas Alexis Park Resort, SEPT 14-17, 2023. The conference brings together a highly coveted group of physicians to defy the preconceived limits of the human body. With 30 speakers with lectures, workshops and 70 exhibitors, this healing fest has curated the leading minds behind the latest leaps in healing modalities from scalar energy to functional homeopathy and Quantum Healing. Website:

This year’s BIOMED EXPO programming will be the largest quantum leap to the future yet: Disclosure groups, Whistleblowers will speak candidly on classified topics including: Tesla’s discoveries, Therapeutic Benefits of far infrared energy, Healing power of PEMF machines, Healing with Quantum Lasers, Biohacking your Brain with Nitric Oxide, Stem Cell therapy, Red Laser Therapy, how to do deal with weaponization of Parasites, Fungus, Bacteria, Viruses, converging the disciplines of metaphysics and medicine to enhance human cognitive functions, extend lifespan, and expand extrasensory perceptions.
Hotel sleeping room group discount rate is: $69 (Friday and Saturday night $149),

Registration for this 4-day extravaganza of meet-and-greet banquet dinners with daily Functional wellness panels and over 100 lectures, workshops on biohacking is now open:

4 Conference ballrooms Streamed live simultaneously on 4 channels for global audiences $59 on:
Media contact:, Call: 1-702-890-1290

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