HeyScottie and Rapid Axis

HeyScottie and Rapid Axis – a Groundbreaking Artifical Intelligence Collaboration in Manufacturing

CUPERTINO, CA, USA, August 10, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — A ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) collaboration between HeyScottie and Rapid Axis in the manufacturing sector has demonstrated the power of AI technology to deliver cost savings, increased efficiency and improved quality across the sourcing, machining and production supply chain.

HeyScottie.com is the industry’s AI-enabled and cloud-based marketplace for anodizing, powder coating, and electroless nickel finishing services.

Rapid Axis is an industry leader in metal fabrication, prototype machining and custom component supplies to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in North America, with a client roster that includes Disney, SpaceX, Thermo Fisher, Rivian and more.

The AI-Driven Solution to Manufacturing on Demand Sourcing Challenges

HeyScottie and Rapid Axis collaborated to solve the challenge of sourcing parts and finishes for manufacturing on demand (MOD) and prototype projects, with HeyScottie supplying the AI-driven finishing sourcing engine to power RFQ results for Rapid Axis highly customized prototyping customer needs.

The resulting collaboration compressed the RFQ process from months to minutes, helping to accelerate design and production cycles while improving quality, cost and efficiency.

HeyScottie and Rapid Axis Collaboration Results

-Significant Cost Savings: $5,000 saved in first prototyping case study initiative
-Scrap Rates Reduced to Zero
-50% Reduction in RFQ Turn-Around Time
-Seamless Scalability: from prototyping to large scale production


The collaboration between Rapid Axis and HeyScottie supplied measurable success and case study proof that artificial intelligence can play a key role in specialized manufacturing, serving to meet the demand for increasingly complex prototypes grows and the supply chain-fueled approach to manufacturing on demand surges.

About HeyScottie

Founded by engineering, manufacturing, and tech experts with deep experience in using digitization to transform business, HeyScottie simplifies the RFQ process for manufacturers by supplying price transparency and compresses the process from months to minutes. HeyScottie’s first-of-its kind Automatic Pricing Engine gives small and medium U.S. manufacturers the competitive advantage of easily outsourcing finishing services beyond their immediate locale so they can speed up innovation, boost production, and cut costs. It’s as simple as uploading a CAD and telling HeyScottie, “Go fetch!” For more information, visit: https://heyscottie.com/

About Rapid Axis

Founded in 2019 by CEO Jared Probst and a team of expert manufacturing leaders, Rapid Axis a leading custom part manufacturing organization serving the U.S. marketplace. fabrication requirements within prototyping and production. With a focus on components built to spec, customer service and competitive lead times, Rapid Axis is the first choice for the fabrication needs of many companies, including such industry leaders as Disney, Thermo Fisher, Rivian, SpaceX and more. The company is ISO certified, ITAR registered, ROHS and REACH compliant, and headquartered in Redwood City, Ca. For more information, visit: https://rapidaxis.com/


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