Dr. Suga T Legendary Rap Artist with her granddaughter

The love of a grandmother living with Autism

Beauty seen in Autism Month

Love knows no limits in Autism

While Touring 25th album release, I Am Heiress after glow and queens view talk live, Suga-T continues to make time to give back, inspire and bring awareness

The Spectrum is wide and a community open for kindness… Let’s live the Be Kind Life and a special pray for those with severe autism that suffer the most.”

— Dr. Suga T Stevens

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Before Autism Awareness Month ends, Sprinkle Me Fragrances and Beauty, launched in 2006, founded by Dr Suga-T Stevens, 1st lady of the iconic group ”The Click” makes history. She created this company during a domestic violence relationship and a time of reinventing herself and finding balance in order to become a better role model for herself, her fans and her children. Sprinkle Me empowerment beauty and fragrance is named after the multi-platinum hit Sprinkle Me heard all over the world and performed and produced by her and her brother E40 over the past three decades. Although she has been an award winning platinum and gold music artist that holds many degrees and respect in the industry that she has dedicated her life to. She has championed many community initiatives, overcame many obstacles and is a true Activist in promoting Diversity, Fairness, Violence prevention, Equity, Love, Balance and Equality. This subject is near and dear to her heart! Suga-T recalls asking her granddaughters, including Mariah, what they would like to see happen in the world today, starting with people with Autism and their families and girls being unkind to one another. Hence. Mariah’s Dream was born! The first product from the BE KIND Life collection of sprinkle me fragrances and beauty. The discussion spawned 5 main points the family that lives with Autism wanted to see. 1) Compassion amongst everyone 2) No more hurtful sayings to siblings 3) Time for girls to stop bullying each other 4) A Pamper and Beauty Day for Moms of children with autism prioritizing severe autism 5) For everyone to “Be Kind” to each other.

Mariah is 14yrs old and was diagnosed with Autism at around 2 years old and Dr Suga- T has first hand experience with her granddaughter who has Autism. For the past 12 years she has supported her daughter and son in law while coping with the hurt and pain of seeing their daughter’s struggle caring for Mariah with severe Autism. They have been on an unbelievable journey just to get fair treatment for her granddaughter. She also expresses the pain of watching her daughter living with a child with severe autism. Many times weeping in frustration or disgust, she decided to do something about it and created a program called Aumazing Parents, inspiring other parents who have children on the spectrum. Dr Suga-T states it is important to empower them with the tools to cope, receive and manage this journey.

The Legendary Suga-T , Sprinkle Me Fragrances & Beauty and The Work It Well Project has brought together her brand and expertise to bring awareness, inspiration and education to as many people as she can touch by now offering “ The Mariah’s Dream Campaign Fragrance” giving everyone a chance to express kindness through a fresh soft scent of fragrance in a beautiful bottle of love.

The “Be Kind Life Collection” is a collection specifically dedicated to support programming and campaigns that bring awareness and encourage kindness amongst women, girls and communities. Mariah Dreams, Be Kind Girl Fragrance is the first in history that will distribute a proportion of the funds to celebrate, support and inspire girls and Aumazing Moms that are the real super heroes that deal with the hurt, pain and frustration of Living with Autism. She looks to highlight, share the stories, develop a Documentary and speak to groups around the world in support of Autism. She is joining forces with some of the organizations nationwide and internationally to educate, inspire and encourage parents, siblings and additional family members, along with those that want to join the challenge and be the change agent that we need to see in this World of Autism.

“People can be mean and cruel to those with handicaps but for these little individuals who were born into a world of constant confusion through no fault of their own … .they need our help! They need us to be their voice and to let everyone know that “they have feelings too and the underserved population within the Autism spectrum deserve to heard and inclusive.

Dr. Suga- T states: While touring the I Am HEIRESS After Glow Live Show Tour, I’d like to get this message into every school, after school program, sports camp, autism org, and in youth programs within the churches to act as a neutral zone for these parents and a support circle, we can make this a better place for Learning and Living with Autism. The proceeds from the sale of the fragrance from the “Be Kind Collection” and the sale of the Heiress 25th Album and tour, is amongst the two products starting off to help fund these programs girls, girls with autism and their aumazing’ mothers. Go to http://www.suga-t.com purchase a fragrance and the 25th Album today! You can also donate at www.theworkitproject.org towards initiatives that change lives.

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