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The Kylon® Hooked Brush-Curette Devices for Compassionate Tissue Removal for Chronic Wound Debridement and Biopsy

Histologics Breakthrough Kylon® Devices at WOCNext 2024

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 7, 2024 / — Histologics LLC announced that it will be featured in the Exhibit Hall at the 2024 WOCNext Meeting, a major event dedicated to the management, treatment, and prevention of wounds by wound and ostomy care nurses and allied health professionals.
WOCNext will be held June 9-12th, 2024 at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, serving as a forum for nurses who care for wounds and are the “difference makers”.

We are pleased to announce that Histologics LLC will be at Booth 712 during WOCNext meeting. We will be reviewing novel research regarding Histologics’ groundbreaking versatile technology for wound hygiene, debridement, and tissue sampling, the “Kylon®” fabric. Over the last 10 years the Kylon® fabric has transformed women’s health care during colposcopic biopsy and diagnostic tissue sampling. Kylon® is now being applied to treat chronic non-healing wounds that require mechanical (brush effect) or conservative excisional (curette effect) with the same Kylon® hooked material with the function based on the pressure applied to the wound. Because it is a gentle approach that can be converted to scenarios where conservative “sharp” tools would be used conventionally, many wound caregivers of different levels of expertise can find an appropriate use based on their training and licensure, from basic to advanced wound care. Kylon® devices are used via handles and the proprietary “Soft K-Cot®” finger cot version…for ultimate precise control of depth, affordability, speed of use, and gentle approach. “No one fears the finger!”

“I have witnessed more willingness to hygienically clean or debride wounds, a necessary procedure to facilitate wound healing, when the device is effective for brushing or shaving away necrosis but is perceived as gentle and minimally invasive by the patient and caregiver. Removing biofilm, possibly diagnosing the pathogens in wounds for appropriate therapy using biopsy level evidence, instead of surface swabbing is the future of wound diagnostics as touted by experts such as the late Gregory Schultz PhD and co-authors from the Wound Healing Society (Wound Rep Reg (2017) 25 744–757 VC 2017)” remarked Neal Lonky MD, MPH, inventor of the multi-patented Kylon® platform technology and founder and CEO of Histologics LLC.

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Kylon® devices to enhance wound care and transform debridement and biopsy into safe and more cost-effective inter-disciplinary scenarios.

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Histologics LLC is located in Anaheim, CA and is dedicated to overcoming barriers to the willingness to provide needed systematic wound hygiene by addressing the discomfort and trauma related to removing soft tissue from the body for biopsy or for therapy with compassion. Over the last decade, the versatile application of their Kylon® fabric multi-patented innovation has transformed cervical biopsy during cancer workups in colposcopy, providing a gentle means to remove biopsy samples quickly and compassionately, with over 1.5 million diagnostic cases performed in the USA. So, too, has it transformed how chronic non-healing wound debris and biofilm can be removed gently (hygienic brushing) or conservative-surgically (micro-curettage) using the device simply by modulating the pressure applied to the tissue. Regular debridement of chronic wounds is direly needed for proper removal of biofilm as therapy, or for diagnostics, and brings value to those providing effective wound care. Websites: and, X (Formerly Twitter): #HistologicsLLC, Facebook: histologics, Instragram: Histologics_LLC.

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