Image shows the H200 production printer, a large blue metal 3D printing machine with onboard computer and windows on the upper sides.

The H200 production printer from Holo

Image shows a metal dental abutment, a small screw-like device, lying atop a ruler indicating that the part is approximately 17mm long with fine details

Dental abutment made via the H200

Image is a logo with the company name Holo in light blue writing on a dark blue background

Holo AM

Metal additive manufacturing company Holo launches H200 production printer for commercial availability.

We are thrilled for customers to access the H200. Production volumes of parts like surgical instruments will be within reach, fulfilling the promise of AM as a scalable, production-ready suite.”

— Holo CEO Hal Zarem, PhD

NEWARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2023 / — Holo, the metal additive manufacturing company, today announced the release of its H200 production printer. The new system enables the company and its partners to scale up to high-volume manufacturing with industry-leading dimensional accuracy and surface finish for end-use quality.

H200: Repeatable Quality at Low Cost

The H200 employs Holo’s proven PureForm™ lithographic, high-resolution printing approach. The platform consistently delivers precise parts at a cost point that offers economic advantages from single prototypes to full-scale production runs of millions.

Over the past nine months, Holo has been leveraging the H200 in its additive manufacturing (AM) services, supplying complex metal parts with industry-leading resolution and precision. The components exhibit detail as fine as 50µm and maintain tight tolerances within +/-25µm or +/-0.1% on a dimension. Unique to PureForm™, the final parts match the surface smoothness of commercial MIM parts, with a roughness of 1-3µm Ra, eliminating the need for additional machining or polishing that other metal AM technologies require.

Beyond quality, the H200 excels in scalability. The system rapidly produces complex geometries like the dental abutment displayed below in just eight seconds per part, while maintaining tight tolerances across part runs of hundreds of parts.

Holo’s PureForm™ commercial material offering currently includes stainless steel grades 17-4PH and 316L, along with pure copper. The portfolio is extending to include Inconel and Ti-64 on a pre-commercial basis. All commercial materials from Holo meet the MPIF-35 specifications.

“True to CAD™ from Holo’s technology means that our H200 system produces MIM-quality parts without the mold,” said Holo Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Arian Aghababaie, PhD. “For most applications, our technology does not require parts to go through any post-machining or polishing; it sinters parts to spec for a first-time-right approach suited for demanding, high-volume end-use applications.”

A dental abutment, for example, offers a clear look at H200-made quality. The dental abutments, which required no polishing or machining to be functional parts, were created at 8s/part on the H200 and feature functional male and female threads with 200µm thread pitch.

Proven, True to CAD™ Production

Built on multiple generations of systems and with over 10,000 parts shipped to customers to date, Holo has proven the H200’s readiness for commercial use. Customers in demanding sectors including medical, aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, and the semiconductor industry are turning to PureForm™ technology.

“We are thrilled for customers to gain access to the H200,” said Holo CEO Hal Zarem, PhD. “Production volumes of parts in fields like surgical instruments will be within reach, finally fulfilling the promise of additive manufacturing as a scalable, production-ready suite.”

The H200 is available now as a turnkey solution, with key specs including:
● Build volume up to 244 x 195 x 200 mm
● Resolution down to 50µm features
● Onboard software
● Compatible with standard MIM furnaces, 240V
● No hazardous powder handling / inert atmosphere setup required

Holo’s Chief Strategy Officer, President, and Co-Founder Arian Aghababaie, PhD will be on-site at Formnext 2023. Those interested in learning more about Holo and the H200 during the additive manufacturing industry’s biggest event in Frankfurt can schedule time with Arian here.

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Holo enables digital manufacturing at scale. The company’s patented PureForm™ additive manufacturing process combines proprietary photolithographic 3D printing with proven metal injection molding (MIM) backend production. Materials include stainless steel and copper, as well as more challenging alloys and ceramics. In addition to selling printers, Holo supplies parts directly to customers, from rapid prototypes through production. The company’s scalable platform is ramping up to produce millions of high-performance parts in Holo’s Northern California facility and with partners.
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