How a Parrot with Extreme Feather Plucking Recovered Using a Novel Method

Images of a cockatoo parrot before and after she stopped plucking, with more images available at

Before and after Jasmine stopped plucking. Some feathers will never grow back, unfortunately. Visit to see more photos.

Jasmine the Cockatoo is Transformed to a New Bird Thanks to Relievet CBD for Pets

She is a different bird now. Her temper had changed, and she is much easier to handle. I could not touch her before without getting a severe bite. Now I can.”

— Steve Schoner

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/ — How a Parrot with Extreme Feather Plucking Recovered

Steve Schoner, a concerned bird owner, reached out to Relievet CBD for Pets (a science-based CBD company that sells products for dogs, cats, horses, and birds) about his Goffin cockatoo, Jasmine. Her condition was alarming and heart-wrenching. Once a full-feathered bird that flew around Steve’s home, seven years ago, Jasmine began to feather pick and mutilate her legs to the point of bleeding. In December, she even ripped out her preening gland completely, a wound so deep that it threatened her life.

Steve described her initial condition, saying, “Not only has she completely destroyed the ability to grow new tail feathers, but she has gone farther to rip out the flesh of her tail. The vet we took her to told us that he had never seen mutilation like it in a bird. It was deep beyond the skin and into the flesh and fat of her tail. When Jasmine picked at this wound, she would bleed profusely, and I wondered each time if she would then go into shock from loss of blood.”

Despite numerous visits to the vet and various medications, nothing seemed to help. Initially, the CBD dosage recommended by Relievet did not yield results. However, Chris Kjolseth, CEO of Relievet, and his team worked closely with Steve, adjusting the dosage until they found the right concentration. In August, Steve sent a recovery update, sharing the incredible news that Jasmine’s feathers were coming back, and her deep wound was healing.

Steve further expressed his joy, saying, “She is a different bird now. Her temper had changed, and she is much easier to handle. I could not touch her before without getting a severe bite. Now I can.”

Kjolseth commented, “Feather plucking in birds can stem from various issues. While we can’t claim CBD as a universal solution, Jasmine’s recovery is a testament to its potential when administered at the right dose. We’re thrilled beyond words to see such an incredible success story, and we remain hopeful that Relievet may assist more birds like Jasmine.”

This story highlights the importance of proper dosing and collaboration between pet owners and experts. It also underscores a broader issue: birds often get “left behind” in veterinary medicine. However, a study on Trichotillomania (compulsive hair-plucking) in humans showed promise for CBD, suggesting a possible analogy to birds.

Relievet emphasizes the importance of consulting a veterinarian if a bird is engaging in feather destructive behavior to determine the root cause. They are also happy to provide consultations about CBD, emphasizing that the product should contain no THC at all, such as Relievet’s broad-spectrum CBD oil. Choosing a company that uses science-based dosing and shares lab results, such as Relievet, is vital to ensure the product is safe for parrots.

Jasmine’s recovery is a heartwarming example of how CBD, when administered at the right dose and purity, helped a bird with an extreme case of plucking. The included image of Jasmine’s wound before her recovery may be graphic to some viewers and is blurred. To view the full-sized unblurred photos and get more insight into the story, you can click this link.

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