Advancing Black Wealth

Steph Curry Speaking at JP Morgan Chase’s ‘Advancing Black Wealth’

‘Advancing Black Wealth’ in Oakland

Attendees at ‘Advancing Black Wealth’ in Oakland

The 2nd Annual ‘Advancing Black Wealth’ Tour Made Its Way to Oakland Saturday, August 12th

You have to be consistent with your craft. You have to find a gap that nobody is filling. You have to find a need.”

— Ian Dunlap

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 16, 2023/ — Ian Dunlap, famously known as the greatest investor of this generation, delivered another powerful presentation over the weekend sharing the keys to success at this year’s JP Morgan Chase’s ‘Advancing Black Wealth’ tour stop in Oakland. Alongside four-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry, who is also a venture capitalist, the two speakers delved into the best practices for long term wealth building which included real estate and stock market investments. First time investors that attended the event in Oakland left feeling inspired to start their investment journey.

Stephen Curry spoke of growing up in North Carolina while his father played for the Charlotte Hornets and his family would witness NBA players eventually end up bankrupt due to poor money management. His father, retired NBA professional Dell Curry, taught him the importance of wealth management at a young age. Curry spoke on investing in startups and how he has already started teaching his children the same financial lessons on how to invest wisely. Ian Dunlap made the trip from his hometown of Houston to Oakland with his son, whom he has also taught how to invest in the stock market, to share his blueprint for successful wealth building which involves four principles of four. The Master Investor provided insight into the four tips he has utilized throughout his career: buy a four-unit property, invest in four stocks for ten years, offer four products or services in your business and provide four different price points, and finally select four instruments or commodities to trade.

The purpose of JP Morgan Chase’s ‘Advancing Black Wealth’ tour is to “empower everyday people and aspiring entrepreneurs with the resources and tools needed to build and sustain wealth.” The highly anticipated tour will be making its way to Chicago, New York, and Miami this fall and winter.

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