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A teacher supports two students using laptops on their Impacter Pathway journey in a colorful, decorated classroom.

A teacher supporting students on their Impacter Pathway journey.

AI-Powered Platform Drives Holistic Student Growth: 26% Increase in Purpose, 19% Boost in Grit Across Districts

CALEXICO, CA, USA, June 5, 2024 / — In a groundbreaking move, the Calexico Unified School District and Central Union High School District have both adopted Impacter Pathway, a cutting-edge program designed to integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) into the daily educational experience of students across Imperial County. These districtwide implementations underscore the region’s commitment to fostering essential character skills and preparing students for success in college, career, and relationships for life.

Impacter Pathway seamlessly blends SEL with advanced technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide real-time insights into students’ social-emotional development. By tracking and measuring soft skills such as Compassion, Grit, and Self-Control, the program empowers educators to deliver targeted support and interventions, ultimately enhancing student outcomes.

“The success of Impacter Pathway in our schools highlights the importance of focusing on character development alongside academic achievement,” said Superintendent Jimenez of Calexico Unified. “This program is a game-changer for our district, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformative initiative.”

The district-wide commitment to Impacter Pathway was solidified during the Calexico Unified School District’s May 9th Board Meeting, where the program’s implementation was formally approved, ensuring every student in the district benefits from its comprehensive approach to character education.

Director of Adult, Parent, and Student Services at Central Union High School District, Darrell Pechtl, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Our students have expressed how important it has been to have access to such an innovative tool in their hands. As staff, we have seen wonderful interactions and student responses emerging from the use of Impacter by our students.”

The decision to adopt Impacter Pathway follows a series of successful pilot programs at schools like Desert Oasis High School, Phoenix Rising High School, Enrique Camarena Middle School, and William Moreno Junior High School, where the program has yielded remarkable results.

At Desert Oasis High School, Principal Julio Cesar Diaz witnessed firsthand the program’s impact, saying, “Because of Impacter Pathway our students now have access to an SEL platform that gives them the opportunity to understand who they are. Impacter Pathway gives our students an opportunity to gain perspective and learn strategies to help them with their emotional intelligence and essential life skills. Not only is the platform student friendly, but it’s full of interactive and engaging activities that are meaningful to their lives.”

The program’s success is further evidenced by tangible improvements in student outcomes across both districts. Data from Impacter Pathway shows:
– 26% increase in Purpose Development
– 19% increase in Grit Capacity
– Increased GPAs and attendance rates
– Significant decreases in suspensions and behavioral incidents

“I’ve learned to stay focused and work towards my goals, even when it’s tough. Impacter Pathway has helped me understand the importance of grit and perseverance,” shared a 9th-grade student from one of the participating schools.

As Imperial County schools continue to prioritize SEL and character education, Impacter Pathway stands as a partner, empowering students with the skills and mindsets necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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