Let’s hear it for healthy ears and growing minds

AUBURN, CA, US, August 8, 2023/ — It’s almost time for school and parents everywhere are putting their ears to the ground about what’s best for their kids as another chapter begins. Whether living with tots or teens, preparing for pre-K or sending them off to college, a new school year means new routines. And let’s face it, when juggling schedules, homework, sports, and activities, incorporating self-care for everyone in the family is paramount.

Self-care: Not just head to toe, but ear to ear
For little kids, bath and story time can help instill self-care habits. For teens, a good night’s sleep, stress reducers like journaling, exercise and quality time can be helpful self-care additions. But kids and adults of all ages can practice good ear care, not just as a way to stay healthy, but also to self-soothe, balance and prevent pain or problems in this crucial, yet often overlooked body part.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, ears control both hearing and balance and are located directly over the temporal lobe, which controls hearing, speech memory and even emotion. The clinic also explains how caring for one’s ears properly helps keep them healthy and working well.

How to practice good ear care
In addition to annual physician checks, here are easy ways to ensure everyone returns to school with the right ear-care routine to stay healthy naturally.
• Clean ears regularly to prevent buildup.
• Wash ears gently with a soapy, wet sponge or with Fearless Naturals Kidz Ear scrub, which is created specifically for young kids to use during bath time.
• Help restore physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through the wellness tool Wally’s ear candles. Ear candles are long, thin and hollow-cone shapes resembling a delicate tapered candle. Placed softly in the ear, the no-drip ear candle burns and moves warm air and rhythmic sounds into the ear for a quiet, sensorial and meditative experience that has been used for centuries in different cultures to promote better ear health. It’s safe for all ages with adult supervision.
• Use a high-grade ear oil such as Wally’s organic ear oil with antibacterial properties regularly, as well as before and after activities where ears may feel sensitive (swimming, physical sports, traveling or high altitudes). Wally’s oil includes ingredients proven to help impact ear health positively, such as olive, garlic and tea tree oil, echinacea, mullein and lavender. These can soothe and prevent bacteria.
• Do not use cotton swabs to clean the ears.
• Avoid wearing earbuds for long period of time and always cleaning them to avoid contamination.

As the new school year approaches, everyone is encouraged to embark on a journey of holistic self-care. By nurturing our physical and emotional health, we set a positive example for children and create a foundation for lifelong well-being. Even more than preparing kids for academic success we are reminded to also empower them with the knowledge and tools to prioritize their overall health, including the often-neglected but vital aspect of ear care.

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