Infinite Industrials Rises as a Reputable Platform for Industrial Automation Parts with Extended Offerings and Services

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ASAP Semiconductor continues to expand product offerings and fulfillment services on Infinite Industrials to address rising customer demand.

Infinite Industrials is proud to be a trusted platform for high-quality components, ensuring that businesses receive only the best parts from leading industrial brands.”

— Joe Faruqui

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2024 / — ASAP Semiconductor, a global leader in the industrial automation parts distribution sector, proudly announces the significant expansion of offerings on its online platform, Infinite Industrials. Known for having a comprehensive range of high-quality industrial automation parts, Infinite Industrials has elevated its services and stock to meet the quickly rising demands of the industrial sector and related applications. This development marks a notable enhancement in the platform’s product diversity and online fulfillment capabilities, further positioning it as a trusted resource for procuring essential components for project requirements.

Surpassing over 2 billion listed items, the platform’s newly expanded inventory includes a broader selection of switches, relays, pneumatics and fluid control components, sensors, and test and measurement devices, as well as other commonly used parts for such sectors. This strategic expansion is aimed at providing customers with a more robust selection of parts to meet diverse operational needs, ensuring that businesses have access to the critical components required to maintain efficient and reliable industrial processes.

Switches are a crucial element for countless operations in industrial automation, and Infinite Industrials now offers an even wider array of solutions from leading industrial brands to bring trusted options to the table. These switches are designed to meet various application requirements, ranging from simple on-off control to complex multi-functional operations.

Relays, another vital component in automation, have also seen an increase in variety and availability on the platform. Relays play a critical role in controlling electrical circuits by opening and closing contacts in response to electrical signals, and the comprehensive selection available on Infinite Industrials includes various types of relays suitable for different industrial applications, ensuring that customers can achieve optimal control and safety in their automated systems.

In terms of pneumatics and fluid control components, the platform now features a wide range of pneumatic valves, actuators, and related products, enabling customers to efficiently manage the movement and control of fluids in their systems. This expansion ensures that businesses have access to the latest and most reliable components for fluid control, which is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of their equipment.

As the next focus of inventory growth, sensors are integral to industrial automation, providing the necessary data to monitor and control processes accurately. Infinite Industrials’ expanded sensor selection includes proximity sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and other popular types from leading industrial brands, all being essential for ensuring precise measurement and control in automated systems. This serves to help businesses maintain high standards of quality and efficiency with efficient readings.

As the final major focus of increasing offerings, test and measurement devices are critical for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of industrial processes. To address rising requirements for reliable equipment, Infinite Industrials now offers an even broader selection of options, including multimeters, oscilloscopes, and signal generators. These tools are essential for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues in automated systems, ensuring that customers can maintain optimal performance and minimize downtime with operations.

The enhancements currently being made to Infinite Industrials extend beyond product offerings, as the platform also strives to improve upon its online fulfillment services to provide a more seamless and efficient purchasing experience. Customers can now enjoy faster processing times, reliable order tracking, and improved customer support as practices are continually enhanced. These enhancements ensure that businesses can quickly and easily obtain the parts they need, minimizing disruptions to their operations.

ASAP Semiconductor’s commitment to quality and reliability is also evident in every aspect of Infinite Industrials. The platform’s extensive range of products is solely sourced from leading industrial brands and is subject to a variety of quality-assurance practices prior to shipment, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality components with each purchase. The website also upholds the same NO CHINA SOURCING pledge as ASAP Semiconductor, meaning every purchased item will ship out alongside any qualifying certifications or manufacturing trace documentation. This commitment to excellence has established Infinite Industrials as a trusted partner for businesses in need of reliable industrial automation parts.

In conclusion, Infinite Industrials has solidified its position as a leading platform for industrial automation parts with its extended product offerings and enhanced fulfillment services. As industries continue to advance and evolve, Infinite Industrials stands ready to support their growth with reliable and innovative solutions. For more information about Infinite Industrials and its extensive range of offerings, please visit the website at or contact ASAP Semiconductor directly.

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Infinite Industrials is a premier procurement platform for industrial automation parts and fasteners, featuring a selection of over 2 billion new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find items that trace back to leading manufacturers from across the globe. With all offerings being ready for purchase at any time and dedicated account managers available to assist with orders, customers are welcome to take the first step of procurement at their convenience. See if Infinite Industrials is the right purchasing platform for you by exploring the website and getting in contact with staff today.

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