InnoVision Marketing Group Chosen as Agency of Record for Innovative Native American Beverage Company, Sacred Beverages

Sacred Bev/Inno

InnoVision’s passion for creativity and experience in building brands, combined with our deep understanding of the Native American culture, makes them the ideal partner.”

— Justin Quis Quis, Founder of Sacred Bev.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2023/ — InnoVision Marketing Group, a leading marketing agency renowned for its creative strategies and innovative approaches, is proud to announce that it has been selected as the Agency of Record for Sacred Bev Native Wellness. Sacred Bev is an organization with a profound mission: to share and expand knowledge of Native American culture, shine a spotlight on Native Communities and give back to those tribes in need throughout Indian Country. Through their unique beverages and proprietary herbal combinations, Sacred Bev aims to increase awareness of Indian Country and Communities in an authentic and impactful way.

Founded on the principles of cultural preservation and appreciation, Sacred Bev has taken the beverage industry by storm with their commitment to showcasing the rich heritage and traditions of Native American Communities. Their handcrafted sparkling beverages pay homage to ancestral wisdom while presenting consumers with distinctive and unforgettable taste experiences.

InnoVision Marketing Group, renowned for its expertise in brand development and creative storytelling, is excited to join forces with Sacred Bev. As the Agency of Record, InnoVision will spearhead strategic marketing initiatives to elevate Sacred Bev’s presence in the market and amplify their mission of giving back to Indian Country and offering Native American knowledge of herbal remedies to the public.

“We believe that sharing our cultural heritage through beverages is a powerful way to foster understanding and appreciation for Indian Country and Communities,” says Justin Quis Quis, Founder of Sacred Bev. “InnoVision’s passion for creativity and experience in building brands, combined with our deep understanding of the Native American culture, makes them the ideal partner to help us reach a wider audience and fulfill our sacred mission.”

Sacred Bev takes great pride in sourcing the finest, all-natural ingredients, inspired by traditional Native American herbal remedies and knowledge. While upholding the sanctity of their name and time-honored traditions, the Sacred Bev brand has embraced the spirit of community and togetherness by generously sharing their profound knowledge and crafting unique herbal blends for all to enjoy.

“We are honored to partner with Sacred Bev in their mission of promoting Native American culture through delicious, refreshing and symbolic beverages,” says Ric Militi, CEO/Executive Creative Director of InnoVision Marketing Group. “Their dedication to preserving heritage aligns perfectly with our agency’s values, and we are excited to launch the Sacred Bev brand and make it as successful as some of the other widely known beverages we’ve worked with. What makes this extra exciting is Sacred Bev is first to market with this positioning.”

InnoVision Marketing Group will leverage its extensive experience in brand development, digital marketing, social media and public relations, to craft compelling campaigns that will resonate with consumers across the nation. The agency’s expertise will also be instrumental in fostering strategic partnerships, expanding distribution channels, and maximizing Sacred Bev impact on a national scale.

With the partnership between InnoVision Marketing Group and Sacred Bev, both organizations are primed to embark on a transformative journey that will undoubtedly bring an enhanced appreciation for Native American culture to the forefront.

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About Sacred Bev Native Wellness
Sacred Bev Native Wellness is a company dedicated to sharing and expanding knowledge of Native American culture and give back to Indian Country and other tribes through its unique and culturally inspired beverages. With a mission to promote cultural appreciation, Sacred Bev’s distinct herbal combinations offer consumers an immersive taste experience while honoring the wisdom of Native American traditions. To learn more, please visit

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