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Introducing Spark

Introducing Spark

Einstein House was developed for Energy companies in partnership with Accenture

Einstein House project was developed for Energy companies in partnership with Accenture

The preeminent fast-start Salesforce solution to presenting an organization to the marketplace in a rapid, creative context that can be changed quickly.

Spark takes Experience Cloud to the next level with a no-code focus that drives rapid development and control over style and branding. It moves at the speed of business and delights our clients.”

— Vaughn Paladin, CEO, Arcsona, Inc.

CAMPBELL, CA, USA, October 25, 2023 / — Arcsona, Inc., a Software & Services Salesforce Partner, announce the addition of their new Arcsona Spark Solution to the Salesforce AppExchange. Arcsona Spark Solution is a true no-code development accelerator that greatly improves Experience Cloud (formerly Communities) deployments.

The Arcsona Spark Solution revolutionizes how Experience Clouds are created in Salesforce. It eliminates the need for code, provides hundreds of state-of-the-art drag-and-drop design options, and reduces Experience Cloud deployment times to about a quarter of typical deployment timeframes. It further eliminates the need for Experience Cloud developers and allows business users to create exceptional Experience Clouds. Finally, with AI connection, Arcsona Spark Solution can automatically deploy the Experience Cloud in virtually all languages with just a few clicks.

Arcsona’s Spark Solution:

• Provides true no-code Experience Cloud deployments

• Greatly accelerated Experience Cloud deployment timelines

• Delivers a stunning, modern gallery of Lightning Web Components as Experience Cloud building blocks

• Eliminates the need of developers, leaving the creative process in business hands

• Deploys AI to re-create the Experience Cloud in any language

Arcsona, Inc. provides businesses with enterprise-grade solutions to meet their digital transformation goals. They are committed to delivering products that are of the highest quality, while still providing customers with the flexibility to customize their experience to fit their specific needs. With the introduction of the Arcsona Spark Solution, businesses can now have faster, broader, more reliable, and more impressive solutions than ever before.

Arcsona, Inc. has development centers throughout the Americas in the US, Mexico, Uruguay, and Brazil. Arcsona develop Salesforce products and deliver Salesforce implementation services both directly and through Global SI partners. Arcsona is committed to providing their customers with the best solutions available to meet their specific needs and growth strategy.

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