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Gone are the days of slow or nonexistent communication between real estate professionals, lenders, escrow officers, title companies, buyers, and sellers.

We have witnessed firsthand how breakdowns in communication can jeopardize transactions and harm client trust.”

— Dan Brooking

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, August 2, 2023/ — In an industry where effective communication is paramount, Circle emerges as a game-changer for real estate professionals, providing a seamless solution to the persistent problem of timely and efficient communication. With the aim of elevating standards and ensuring optimal outcomes, Circle offers a transformative tool that overcomes technical glitches, corporate firewalls, and existing software limitations to facilitate direct and real-time conversations among all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Circle revolutionizes the way business is conducted by providing an intuitive and easy-to-use application that offers up-to-the-minute status reports, milestone tracking, and issue resolution. Gone are the days of slow or nonexistent communication between real estate professionals, lenders, escrow officers, title companies, insurers, buyers, and sellers. With Circle, all stakeholders have access to current information, eliminating the stress and uncertainty that often accompany real estate transactions.

Traditional methods of communication that cause overflowing inboxes and lengthy text threads no longer impede critical communications. Circle ensures important messages and updates are easily accessible, acknowledged, and time-stamped, providing a clear record of all parties’ involvement in the transaction. Real estate professionals can bid farewell to the time-consuming task of polling for status updates. Instead they’ll focus on providing exceptional client service and expediting the real estate transaction process.

“At Circle, we understand the challenges faced by real estate professionals and the need for a comprehensive communication solution,” said Dan Brooking, Founder and CEO of Circle The People Inc. “Our application breaks down barriers, promotes transparency, enhances productivity, reduces stress, and accelerates real estate transactions. Circle empowers professionals with a bird’s eye view of the overall real estate transaction status and ensures every role is aligned with the larger process.”

Circle extends and enhances the role of real estate agents by offering a single-point application accessible to all transaction members. Its intuitive interface presents a timeline of action items, enabling prompt and focused attention to urgent tasks. By leveraging Circle’s capabilities, real estate professionals can redirect their efforts toward facilitating successful transactions.

One of the distinguishing features of Circle is its ability to prevent and resolve common transaction issues, including escrow fraud, wire fraud, lender delays, buyer concerns, repair issues, and contingency matters. This holistic approach empowers agents to proactively manage challenges, mitigate risks, and ensure a seamless transaction experience for all parties involved.

“We have witnessed firsthand how breakdowns in communication can jeopardize transactions and harm client trust,” added Founder and CEO Dan Brooking. “Circle addresses this challenge head-on, providing real estate professionals with a comprehensive and reliable tool to streamline their workflow, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional results.”

Circle’s pricing structure is designed to be accessible to all professionals in the industry, offering unlimited Circles at an affordable monthly rate of $14.50. Subscribers gain access to a range of features, including priority support and Circle’s unique rating system, which provides an opportunity for users and companies to strive for a 5-star rating, setting them apart in the market.

Initially targeting the residential real estate industry, Circle’s impact extends beyond buyer’s and seller’s agents. Lenders, loan processors, and lawyers operating in the real estate domain can all benefit greatly from Circle’s intuitive and industry-specific solution. The time savings and efficiency gains offered by Circle make it a worthwhile investment for professionals seeking to maximize their productivity.

As the real estate industry embraces the digital age, Circle emerges as the definitive solution to real estate transaction challenges. By simplifying workflows, increasing transparency, and providing real-time updates, Circle empowers real estate professionals to deliver exceptional service and achieve optimal outcomes for their clients. With Circle, the real estate industry is set to embark on a new era of efficiency, collaboration, and success.

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