Introducing Oscar Estrada: Saving Rock Music with Yesterday’s Sound and Today’s Rhythm

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2023/ — Los Angeles, CA – August 02, 2023 – Prepare to witness the rebirth of rock music as we know it, as Os Estrada, lead of the band Railrod, emerges onto the global music scene. Hailing from Mexico, this extraordinary artist is already making waves with his electrifying performances and impressive industry collaborations.

Os Estrada’s journey into the world of rock music began at the tender age of 12, inspired by Led Zeppelin’s televised concerts. Drawing influences from classic rock legends while infusing a contemporary flair, Os has cultivated a sound that bridges the gap between generations, appealing to both seasoned rock enthusiasts and a new generation of music lovers.

What sets Os apart is his ability to seamlessly blend the sounds of yesterday with the rhythms of today. His music carries the essence of rock’s golden era, paying homage to its roots, while simultaneously embracing a fresh and modern sonic landscape. By striking this delicate balance, Os Estrada promises to reignite the passion for rock among fans worldwide.

Supported by influential figures within the music industry, Os Estrada’s rise to prominence is not a mere coincidence. With his debut album on the horizon, music enthusiasts can expect anthemic tracks filled with raw energy, soul-stirring guitar solos, and thought-provoking lyrics. Os’s powerful vocals, combined with his unmatched stage presence, will undoubtedly leave audiences electrified and hungry for more.

In an exclusive interview, Os shares the inspiration behind forming Railrod and becoming the lead singer. He reveals that rock music saved his life during a challenging period, and he founded Railrod to prove that hard rock is still alive. Os’s dedication to authenticity sets Railrod apart, blending old-school rock elements with modern mixing and mastering.

His latest album has received rave reviews from legends like Glen Sobel of Alice cooper, who said that “RailRod is driving straight up in your face rock songs with some great hooks!” with tracks like “Beggin'” and “Ultra Instinct” showcasing Railrod’s hard rock sound. The themes of hope and inner strength resonate with audiences, inspired by Os’s personal experiences. Railrod’s energetic live performances captivate fans, and Os engages with them on a personal level, valuing their support.

As a lead singer, Os faces challenges, including overcoming racism. However, he focuses on letting his music speak for itself, winning over audiences with his talent and authenticity. His future goals include playing at prestigious venues and collaborating with renowned artists like Tommy Aldridge.

For aspiring musicians, Os advises focusing on the music and continuous improvement, not rushing into success. He thanks his fans for their support and promises that, with their backing, Railrod will continue to grow and make an impact.

About Oscar Estrada:
Os Estrada, frontman of RailRod is a rising rock artist from Mexico, renowned for his ability to blend the sounds of yesterday with the rhythms of today. With influences from classic rock legends and a modern twist, Os Estrada’s music captures the hearts of rock enthusiasts worldwide. Having opened for legendary bands like Guns & Roses, Aerosmith, and Iron Maiden, Oscar Estrada is set to become the torchbearer of rock’s resurgence.

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