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iOPEX launches elevAIte at ServiceNow Knowledge24, a GenAI platform revolutionizing IT, Customer, Revenue, and Finance Operations with AI.

elevAIte, our GenAI platform is the culmination of our efforts to blend AI with the robust functionality of ServiceNow, creating a synergy that’ll drive unparalleled efficiency & customer satisfaction”

— Shiva Ramani, Founder and CEO of IOPEX Technologies.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 / — iOPEX Technologies, a leader in delivering byte-sized agile digital transformation through disruptive IT solutions, proudly announces its participation in the esteemed ServiceNow Knowledge24 event. This significant occasion marks the launch of elevAIte, iOPEX’s innovative GenAI platform, meticulously crafted to enhance IT Operations, Customer Operations, Revenue Operations, and Finance Operations with the power of artificial intelligence.

elevAIte: A Revolutionary Synthesis of AI and Superior UI/UX With the introduction of elevAIte, iOPEX Technologies brings forth a new era in ServiceNow’s operational capabilities. The GenAI platform is a testament to iOPEX’s commitment to innovation, offering a seamless blend of artificial intelligence and an exceptional user interface/user experience (UI/UX). elevAIte is poised to significantly improve Return on Investment (RoI) and usability, setting a new standard for how businesses engage with ServiceNow.

Showcasing Tailored Demonstrations for ITSM and CSM During ServiceNow Knowledge24, iOPEX will provide tailored demonstrations of elevAIte, focusing on IT Service Management (ITSM) and Customer Service Management (CSM). These demonstrations are meticulously designed to exhibit the platform’s capability to streamline service management processes, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of efficient and intelligent operations.

The Introduction of an AI-Powered Chatbot: A Paradigm Shift in Query Resolution At the heart of iOPEX’s showcase lies an AI-powered chatbot, a prime example of elevAIte’s practical application of artificial intelligence. Developed to address queries stemming from ITSM and CSM data sets, the chatbot is equipped to provide intelligent, automated responses, underscoring the platform’s robustness and adaptability.

NowAssist Integration: Envisioning a More Efficient Delivery Mechanism In pursuit of operational excellence, iOPEX is exploring the integration of elevAIte with NowAssist. This strategic move aims to embed the AI-powered chatbot within the ServiceNow ecosystem, enhancing the delivery mechanism to be more seamless and efficient, thereby revolutionizing the user experience.

A Word from the CEO “In a world where change is the only constant, the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a formidable force that is redefining life and commerce. As we witness firsthand the seismic shifts occurring in the business world due to the advent of AI, the landscape is changing rapidly, and with it, the rules of engagement for companies across the globe. At iOPEX, we embrace AI not just as an operational tool but as a strategic asset that is redefining the value we deliver to our customers. As we launch elevAIte at ServiceNow Knowledge24, we are not just introducing a new product; we are transforming the landscape of business operations. elevAIte, our GenAI platform is the culmination of our efforts to blend AI with the robust functionality of ServiceNow, creating a synergy that’ll drive unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction. ServiceNow has always been a catalyst for operational transformation, and with elevAIte, we are taking this to the next level” states Shiva Ramani, Founder and CEO of iOPEX Technologies.

The launch of elevAIte: iOPEX’s participation in ServiceNow Knowledge24 is more than a mere demonstration; it signifies the launch of elevAIte, marking a milestone in the integration of AI within ServiceNow. This event heralds the beginning of a transformative journey in operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

About iOPEX Technologies: iOPEX Technologies is at the cutting edge of IT innovation, specializing in crafting tailor-made solutions that leverage AI to boost operational efficiency and enrich user experiences. Our dedication to operational efficiency and superior user experiences drives us to deliver solutions that empower businesses worldwide to achieve their operational ambitions and maximize their investment returns.

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